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British Singer Ozzy Osbourne Shares Health Update, Says ‘I’m Not Dying’

Ozzy Osbourne is sharing a health update with his fans all over the world! For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, in late January 2022, the Mama I’m Coming Home singer announced that he was retiring from tour to focus on his health.

The English singer spilled the beans on his health on SiriusXM’s “Ozzy Speaks” on his  Ozzy’s Boneyard channel. Continue reading further to know what Ozzy Osbourne has to say about his tour, retirement, and health.

Ozzy Osbourne shares health update after announcing retirement from touring

While making an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Ozzy Speaks” on his Ozzy’s Boneyard channel, the 74-year-old Black Sabbath rocker shared a quick update on his health after saying that the media overreacted to his touring announcement.

Ozzy told co-host Billy Morrison, “This f–king press drive you nuts. I mean, I, I looked in the magazine, ‘Ozzy’s on his last legs,’ I’m f–king not dying.” He also spoke about his discussion to cancel his tour with his wife, and manager, Sharon Osbourne.

He went on to say, “I’ve been working my guts out to try and get back on my feet. I’ve come to the point where Sharon says to me, ‘You know what, the truth of the matter, you can’t keep booking tours and failing, cancelling.'”

Osbourne further added, “So, if I can ever get back to where I can tour again, fine. But right now, if you said to me, ‘Can you go on the road in a month?’ I couldn’t say yes. I mean, if I could tour I’d tour. But right now I can’t book tours because right now, I don’t think I could pull them off.”

Even if the British singer was up to hit the road again for his tour, he confessed that a tour would not happen overnight. He questioned, “Come on, guys. Haven’t I had it bad enough already? If I get okay today, if the doctor said to me today, ‘Oh, you can tour,’ it would take another six months to get it together, you know?”

Ozzy also admitted that he finds it frustrating that he isn’t physically able to tour, even though he really wants to. He continued, “You’ve got no idea. I feel like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest.”

He said, ‘The only thing I’ve got that keeps me going is making records. But I can’t do that forever. I gotta get out there…. [I’m] still in constant pain. I do to the best I can to stay away from the pain medication, but there are times when I go: “You know, I’ve gotta take something.”‘

The No More Tears singer continued, “I mean, last week I couldn’t…I’ve been sleeping great, and all of a sudden for two back-to-back nights. I never slept a wink. If you’re gonna torture me, just keep me awake for a couple of days. I’ll tell you whatever the f*** you want me to say.”

In January 2023, Ozzy Osbourne revealed he was retiring from tour amid health concerns

On January 31, 2023, the rock star took to his Instagram page to share the news of his retirement from touring to pay more attention on his health. Then, he disclosed he was retiring from touring and cancelling his upcoming tour.

Ozzy started by writing, “This is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to share with my loyal fans. As you may all know, four years ago, this month, I had a major accident, where I damaged my spine.”

He further added, “My one and only purpose during this time has been to get back on stage. My singing voice is fine. However, after three operations, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy sessions, and most recently groundbreaking Cybernics (HAL) Treatment, my body is still physically weak.”

The See You On the Other Side crooner went on to say, “I am honestly humbled by the way you’ve all patiently held onto your tickets for all this time, but in all good conscience, I have now come to the realization that I’m not physically capable of doing my upcoming European/UK tour dates, as I know I couldn’t deal with the travel required. Believe me when I say that the thought of disappointing my fans really F–KS ME UP, more than you will ever know.”

He continued, “Never would I have imagined that my touring days would have ended this way. My team is currently coming up with ideas for where I will be able to perform without having to travel from city to city and country to country.”

Ozzy concluded, “I want to thank my family……my band…….my crew……my longtime friends, @JudasPriest, and of course, my fans for their endless dedication, loyalty, and support, and for giving me the life that I never ever dreamed I would have. I love you all… Ticket refunds are available at point of purchase.”

Ozzy Osbourne underwent a life-altering surgery last summer

Yeah, you read that right. The Flying High Again singer underwent a life-altering surgery in June 2022. Around the same time, Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne talked about the musician’s health on social media.

Then, Sharon took to her Instagram Story and wrote, “Our family would like to express so much gratitude for the overwhelming amount of love and support leading up to Ozzy’s surgery!” She went on to say, “Ozzy is doing well and on the road to recovery. Your love means the world to him.”

After the surgery, Ozzy shared a positive update on his health in his first TV interview. He said, “Since I’ve had the surgery, I’ve improved quite considerably.”

In the past, the Crazy Train crooner has also faced some health issues. Way back in the year 2003, he suffered neck injuries after a 2003 quad biking accident. In 2019, he sustained a few injuries after a fall that hurt his back.

We wish Ozzy Osbourne a speedy recovery. You can drop your good wishes for the famous singer and songwriter in the comments. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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