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“Bridgerton” Star Phoebe Dynevor Stated That She Might Not Return For Season 3

Daphne Bridgerton, portrayed by Phoebe Dynevor, was the first TV sibling to find love in Bridgerton, but she may be ready for a departure from the Square.

According to recent reports, Phoebe Dynevor might not return to Bridgerton season three as Daphne.

The Third Season Of ‘Bridgerton’ Won’t Feature Phoebe Dynevor

Daphne Bridgerton has been one of Phoebe’s most recognizable roles on the show since the first season, so it might be a surprise to you if you hear that she will be taking a backseat during the show’s third season. However, Phoebe’s involvement in Bridgerton’s third season might not be as crucial as it might seem at first glance, according to a recent interview she did with Screen Rant.

During Phoebe’s interview with the LA Times, she was asked if there would be any new dynamics in Bridgerton 3, to which she replied, “Sadly not in season 3. Potentially in the future. But season 3, I’m just excited to watch as a viewer”. Phoebe’s statement here can be interpreted in a few different ways, and one of them is that she will appear in the upcoming season of Bridgerton, but not in such a way as to have any actual impact on the plot of the show.

You will remember Phoebe’s co-star for season 1, Regé-Jean Page, who left Bridgerton after the show’s debut bow. There are still a lot of questions he has to answer about it, too. Bridgerton’s third season will premiere later this year, so get ready for all the surprises when the series returns later this year.

The Reasons Bridgerton Season 2 Was Able To Succeed Even With Simon’s Absence

Bridgerton season 2’s quality was feared to suffer after Page’s departure. Although Simon was only mentioned and never seen in season 2, season 2 soared thanks to Anthony Bridgerton’s budding, complicated romance with Kate Sharma. There was a lot of chemistry, longing, and intensity between Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley during the entire performance.


Except for Daphne’s appearances, it was easy to forget Simon was a part of the series. However, the Duke of Hastings’ absence didn’t deter the plot since there was now a steamy romance to focus on, one that went in a different direction and had its own emotional and interpersonal turmoil.

It was Kate and Anthony whom Bridgerton needed as its lead in season 2. Kate and Anthony’s story was strong enough to sidestep Simon’s absence, even if any other couple’s story would have taken the series to backslide. Instead, Bridgerton season 2’s attention was shifted completely, and it paid off in the end, making it even more popular than its predecessor.

In addition to Simon, there were several other characters whose stories played an essential role in creating Bridgerton’s world, providing the audience with a large amount of content to stave off the loss of Simon, as well as demonstrating the series was not in danger.

About Phoebe Dynevor

A very well-known English actress, Phoebe Dynevor, is best known for her role in the international hit Netflix series Bridgerton for which she has gained tremendous popularity. In the series, Daphne Bridgerton was represented by the beautiful but unwise eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family, Daphne Bridgerton.

At fourteen, she started acting on the BBC television series Waterloo Road. During her career, she worked in other series like Prisoners’ Wives, The Village, Dickensian, and Snatch. She has also starred in a short film and made her feature film debut with the Sky Cinema original The Colour Room, which follows the rise of ceramic artist Clarice Cliff during the 1920s and 1930s during the Jazz Age.

As one of the members of a family with a long history in the entertainment industry, Phoebe Dynevor belongs to an impressive lineage. There is no doubt that her mother, Sally Dynevor, is one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood today, while her father is a screenwriter.

Despite this, there might be a change in the decision in the future. However, we cannot make any assumptions at this point. Now that we know when season 3 will be out let’s wait for it. We look forward to bringing you more such important news shortly. Stay tuned with us.

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