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‘Break Up’ Announcement From Citizen Queen

It’s true what you just read. A well-known girl vocal group, Citizen Queen, has announced the group’s breakup on its social media accounts. Do you find yourself flipping your brows while reading this?

The news was announced on the Instagram account of the band by posting a video. Their video stated that this would be the last video they would release. A cover of Ariana Grande’s original song “No Tears Left To Cry” was released by them in 2018, and it became their debut cover.

“Break Up” News Announced By Band On Instagram

At the beginning of the video, the girl band had sad faces and tears in their eyes. They announced that this would be their last video on this account. I know that reading this might confuse you a little bit. The next thing that came out as they spilled the beans was that they were not breaking up their team, as they had previously stated. Instead, they talked about their new video titled BreakUp, which will be released soon.

They also posted an image showing their video for the first time. As you can see from the picture, their new song “Break Up” will be released on October 4, which is the release date.

In June, Citizen Queen Released Their New Single, “XO”

The girl group Citizen Queen shared their fourth original single on June 24 of this year, entitled “XO,” which marked the band’s first recording since the departure of former member Hannah Mrozak in January of this year. As part of the accompanying video accompanying the record, we are treated to a scene in which the group plays the roles of judge and jury.

In the months leading up to the release of “XO,” the group has performed several live performances and released several visuals along the way, resulting in the first official release of the year. A year ago, in 2021, CQ released a single and a video that accompanied the song “Y,” A month before that, they released “No Ego,” an R&B-infused pop anthem about self-love.

A performance video for “Y” was released in May, and a music video for the single “Call Me Queen.” After removing these videos, Hannah Mrozak announced her decision to leave the group, citing her need to pursue new artistic and creative outlets.

About Citizen Queen

The Citizen Queen girl group is made up of five highly talented young women who are vocalists, Kaedi Dalley, Hannah Mrozak, Cora Isabel, Nina Nelson, and Kaylah Sharve, whose styles and backgrounds differ significantly but who are united in their mission to carry the torch as the next generation of girl groups at their best.

Several impressive covers have been released by the group over the years, such as “bad Guy”, “Best Part”, and “Everybody Business”, as well as two original singles, “Call Me Queen” and “No Ego”.

It was heartbreaking to hear how they announced the release of their new song in such a terrible way. How excited are you for the upcoming release of the song? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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