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Brazilian Singer Anitta Opens up About her Plastic Surgeries

Anitta is not afraid to talk about the cosmetic surgeries she has had in the past. Not long ago, the Brazilian singer spilled the beans on her relationship with the world of plastic surgery.

The Boys Don’t Cry crooner has never been shy from talking about cosmetic surgeries. She has even stated that she loves the transformation. Read on to learn more about Anitta’s plastic surgeries.

What did Anitta have to say about plastic surgery procedures?

In November’s Innovator Issue cover story for WSJ. Magazine, Anitta talked about her cosmetic surgeries and she said, “It’s nothing to do with me not being happy with myself. For me it’s like changing my hair… Even if it’s not good or the way I expected, I still like the process. I like the adrenaline.”

For those of you who are not aware, let us tell you, the Innovator Issue & Awards have been taking place for the last 11 years. These awards honor the year’s groundbreaking visionaries and their cultural impact across a variety of entertainment arenas.

The 29-year-old singer had a candid chat with the magazine and talked about her nose job, jaw-shaping procedures, and breast augmentations. In the past, she put some light on her cosmetic surgeries in her Netflix documentary titled Vai Anitta.

In her documentary, the Envolver hitmaker opened up on plastic surgeries and revealed that getting plastic surgery was considered taboo in her home country, Brazil.

How many plastic surgeries has Anitta undergone up until now?

In an earlier interview with Nylon magazine, Larissa de Macedo Machado popularly known as Anitta disclosed that he has had hundreds of plastic surgeries. Then, she told the media outlet, “I’ve done hundreds of plastic surgeries, but I couldn’t find one that took out my cellulite.”

In the year 2017, the music superstar dropped the music video for her song Vai Malandra and let us share with you, the video starred bodies of all shapes and sizes. As per People magazine, she didn’t even edit herself in the final product. She even told Nylon, that after the music video of the song came out, many women came up to her and said that they felt confident in their own bodies.

This week, the Downtown singer Anitta was named WSJ. Magazine‘s 2022 Music Innovator. It is a title secured by her as she continues to explode on the U.S. music scene. With each passing day, she is breaking the mold that’s set for her in her home country.

Throughout her career as a musician, Larissa has also faced a fair share of ups and downs. She told WSJ. Magazine that despite being a successful artist in Brazil, she met setbacks from a so-called support system that didn’t expect her to be an international success.

Brazil’s biggest pop star told the media outlet, “[Local industry people] said, ‘Well, you can try to go international, but that’s impossible. Nobody’s ever made it, the last person was Carmen Miranda. Impossible? This word just makes me want to go for it.”

Anitta worked hard and she was keen on polishing her English as well as Spanish and she wanted to make a name for herself. At one point, she moved to Miami to try her luck in the U.S. market.

Anitta performed at Coachella this year

Yeah, you read that right. This year, Anitta bagged the golden opportunity to perform at Coachella, which is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

During her performance, Larissa put forth Brazilian culture. She did a couple of outfit changes throughout her set. When we talk about her first look, she opted for a green, yellow, and blue two-piece set with yellow boots and sunglasses. (The colors of her outfit matched the colors of the Brazilian flag).

Anitta sang many of her hit songs from her career at Coachella 2022 including tracks from her latest multilingual album Versions of Me which came out in April. At the moment, her  stardom in the music world is increasing at a rapid speed.

After her show at Coachella in April, the Girls from Rio crooner took to her Instagram and wrote, “Hi, world, welcome to Brazil. This is my country. Just wanna say many many many thanks.”

What are the future plans of Brazilian rock star Anitta?

Anitta’s music career is booming right now but let us tell you it’s not something that she wants to do forever. When she was asked a question by WSJ. Magazine, about keeping up her career as a musician. She replied, “Hell no.” She revealed that she wants to take a break from music after five or six years and try her hand at acting.

The La Loto singer talked about becoming an internationally renowned musician and went on to say, “It’s pointless for me to keep pushing myself to keep doing things that won’t fulfill new dreams. I’ve already done what was impossible. What is bigger than No. 1?”

A little bit about Anitta’s personal life

Back in the day, Anitta was a married woman. In the year 2017, the Gata singer tied the knot with her then-boyfriend businessman Thiago Magalhães in a private ceremony in the Amazon rainforest. The pair exchanged their vows on November 17, 2017.

Anitta and her former partner Thiago met each other for the first time when she was hosting a Brazilian television show called Música Boa, and he was there with her business partner. Maybe Anitta and Thiago were not a match made in heaven. In September 2018, the two of them announced their separation.

We must say, it’s an individual’s choice to undergo cosmetic surgery. If a person feels that the surgery route is a better alternative for them, then that’s okay. However, if someone thinks that surgery is not a good option for them, that’s also absolutely fine.

Kudos to the music superstar Anitta for being so open with her fans all over the world. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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