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Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date, Where to Read and Recap

The tension is really high in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Boruto Chapter 68 will have serious implications for the future that the series takes going forward.

So when is it dropping, where can you read it and also spoilers, a lot of spoilers, you will find the answers for everything right here.

Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date & Where to Read

You can read up on Boruto chapter 68 on the official Viz site for absolutely free, but if you are looking to catch up on the adventures of Boruto, Sarada, Kawaki and more then you will have to pay for the service on Viz.

The next instalment in the Boruto manga is going to be released on 18th March 2022. And the manga world can’t wait anymore for this month’s release.

The Story Up Till Now

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just revealed a big twist to the story of Boruto. In the last manga, the cliffhanger was that Boruto was dead, stabbed in the heart by Kawaki, in order for Code to not use Boruto’s body as a sacrifice for the Ten Tails’ chakra fruit.

We see a dead Boruto lying on the floor and Naruto holding him in his arms, denying the situation that has just occurred in front of him, while Shikamaru tries to bring order to the chaos that just occurred.

Meanwhile, Delta and Code are talking about the next step of their plan, and while feeding Kawaki to the Ten-Tails is the only other option Delta is vehemently against it due to the attraction she feels towards him.

While Code is planning to leave, we see the new and improved Karma of Kawaki on display where he pummels down Code all the while Boruto is still down for the count. This goes on for a while and we get to see the power of Kawaki in this chapter.

But as soon as Kawaki is ready to finish Code, there is a huge explosion and we see Kawaki being on the ground and Code holding Daemon in his hands, who is startled by the whole affair.

After this big distraction Code falls back and transports to a safer place while we see Boruto say something which draws all the attention of the people on the battleground. And the biggest twist of the manga comes.

The Big Twist

After gaining some strength, Boruto takes us to his inner mind where Momoshiki Otutsuki explains to Boruto why and how he is still living. So, from what Momoshiki tells us is that 81% of his being has already been manifested and the remaining 11% was used up for the revival of Boruto.

Momoshiki remarked that if Boruto had just died then Momoshiki would have had no choice but to accept his defeat, but now that 11% of his himself has been used up for the revival, there is no way that he can manifest in this world again, but this means that Boruto is now ripe to become the Ten Tails’ feast and a new chakra fruit to manifest.

Ending on this note, as well as Code hinting that he has inbuilt one of his claw marks onto Shikamaru, which will be the turning point that comes in the future we anticipate the release of the next instalment of the manga.

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