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Blink-182 Postpones World Tour Due to Travis Barker’s Finger Injury

The Latin American fans of the rock band Blink-182 will have to wait a bit longer to see their favorite band live. As per various reports, the band has postponed their tour to that region due to drummer Travis Barker’s finger injury.

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, the band Blink-182 was set to perform in Latin America for the first time ever. Recently, the news of the postponement of the tour was shared by band member Tom DeLonge. Read on to know what Tom has to say about the postponement of the tour after Travis Barker’s finger injury.

Blink-182 postpones their tour due to Travis Barker’s finger injury 

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Tom DeLonge shared the news of the tour’s postponement via a video on the social media platform Instagram. In the footage shared, he can be seen wearing a blue sweatsuit by Adidas and an orange cap.

DeLonge started by saying, “Hey, everybody Tom DeLonge here from Blink-182. I wanted to say I’m so sorry to everyone in South America that we couldn’t come down there. This has been something we’ve been aiming to do for so long and we work so hard and we just kind of had one of those freak accidents that nobody saw coming.”

He went on to say, “Travis needs to go in and have surgery on his finger and we have to get that well. We have to get that strong before we can do anything else. This is just so sad.”

Tom further added, “These were the biggest shows we ever played. These are some of the most important places in the world for a band this is like the pinnacle of our career was coming down and playing for you guys. So I really want you all to know, we are devastated and we plan to come back.”

How did the netizens react to the postponement of Blink-182’s tour?

As soon as Tom announced the news of the postponement of the band’s tour, many Latin American fans of the band stopped by various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to express their thoughts. A user wrote, “Good luck and get well! We love you ❤️.”

One social media user tweeted, “I made my Lolla refund request, sad but there wasn’t much to do, I hope that in 2024 we will have better luck and blink-182 will finally value their South American fans in the slightest, it’s going to be a long wait again.”

Followed by a social media user who penned, “Guys sorry to be selfish, I’m truly happy with the cancellation of Blink-182 (I’m not happy with the reason) and yes because I couldn’t buy the ticket, I still miss Melanie and The1975, but in 2024 we have Blink between us and me I’m going even if I have to sell my grandma lol.”

When did Blink-182 announce their tour?

In August 2022, the rock band featuring members Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge since the year 2015 gave a big surprise to their fans all over the world when they announced their world tour.

Soon after, DeLonge listed off the cities and the venues they will be playing when they return and mentioned, “We are coming.” He continued, “I know it seems like you waited so long that you have and we waited so long to do this is just devastating on so many levels, but we’re going to get Travis better.”

Tom went on to say, “And we’re going to come down, the three of us together, and we’re going to rock and we’re going to have an incredible time with you guys.”

He concluded, “But I really want you to know from my heart to yours, how important you guys are to us and this is not something that we could even have saw coming. It’s just devastating. But we love you. Blink-182 loves you. We will see you soon.”

When was the band supposed to kick off their tour?

The rock band Blink-182 was expected to launch their 2023 reunion tour on March 11, 2023, at the Imperial GNP festival in Tijuana, Mexico, and then continue its Latin American leg through early April.

As per a report by Rolling Stone, now, the band will kick off their tour on May 5 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and wrap up the North American leg of their tour on July 16 in Nashville. Soon after, the group will embark on its European leg in September before its tour in Australia beginning in February 2024.

What happened to Travis Barker’s finger?

On February 8, 2023, Travis Barker took to his Twitter page to share the news of his finger injury with his fans all over the world. Then, he stated that he injured his finger while rehearsing on the social media platform Twitter.

At that time, the blink-182 drummer tweeted, “I was playing the drums at rehearsals yesterday and I smashed my finger so hard I dislocated it and tore the ligaments 🤬”

On February 20, 2023, the musician shared an image of his knuckle on his Instagram story. According to Billboard, at that point, he went on to say that he was injured and bruised again.

On Monday, Barker posted new photos of his injured finger on the social networking platform Instagram. He shared a series of videos and photos of his injured finger on his Instagram feed. “Surgery Tomorrow”, he wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

In the first video, the medical worker can be seen trying to get his finger back into place. Soon after, the person asked the drummer, “Do you feel pain?” to which Travis responded, “I mean yeah, it feels painful.”

The carousel of pictures features several close-up shots of Barker’s injured finger. In one of the snaps, he can be seen wearing a brace. In the Instagram post, he revealed that he was scheduled to get surgery soon.

We wish Travis Barker a speedy recovery. You can send your good wishes to the musician in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of entertainment.

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