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‘Bling Empire’ Star Kelly Mi Li Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child

There is a lot of excitement in Kelly Mi Li’s heart as she will become a mother for the first time. She feels very grateful and excited about this new phase of her life.

During an exclusive interview, the Bling Empire star, film producer, and entrepreneur revealed that she and her boyfriend are expecting their first child together.

There Was Already A Plan In Place For Them To Become Pregnant

The couple, who live in different cities and are already planning for their future, was unprepared for pregnancy, even though it was already part of their plan. “When we found out, it was actually kind of shocking. He lives in San Francisco, and I live in L.A., so when my period didn’t come, the monthly visit didn’t come. So we went and got Clearblue, the pregnancy test,” Mi Li, 37 years old, explains.

According to Kelly, they had talked about having kids earlier in the year, but they are now planning on starting the process at the end of the year. They bought a bunch of Clearblue ovulation tests for her to become more familiar with using them.

However, they did not expect this to happen so quickly because she was so concerned about her age, and they didn’t expect it to happen so soon. To get into the habit of taking an ovulation test every month, she wanted to start taking it just before every ovulation.

According to her, “I’m very much in denial. When I take the Covid test, I’m like, is it two lines? But with Clearblue, because if it’s pregnant, I was like, ‘Am I reading this right?’ So it was shocking, but we’re so grateful and blessed… To this day, I still feel like it’s so surreal.”

Kelly Mi Li Announced A New Relationship In October 2022

During the debut season of Bling Empire, Netflix subscribers first met Kelly Mi Li when she and former red Power Ranger Andrew “Drew” Gray were in a toxic relationship.

After splitting up during filming, the two got back together for the Season 1 finale. Season 2 ended with a shocking cameo from Andrew, but the pair broke up again before then. As a result, about five months passed before fans learned whether Kelly and he were back together.

When the cameras returned to the Bling Empire crew at the end of Season 3, Kelly resumed her dating life. By the end of the season, she had confirmed she had started dating someone new. In Season 3, Kane Lim tried to set Kelly up with John, his friend, but after a few dates together, they realized the relationship wasn’t working.

Kelly revealed her new relationship to her friends at the finale, though she wasn’t ready to share who it was. Kelly confirmed that she was in a relationship in the tenth episode of Season 3, “The One That Got Away.” Kane kept any details about his friend secret even though he was eager to spill the beans.

Kelly quickly denied the question Christine Chiu asked about Kelly and Andrew reuniting. Nevertheless, she said she wants the best for her ex, whom she regarded as a “great person.” Kelly confirmed she was in love in a confessional, although she did not reveal who her new boyfriend was.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li?

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Kelly Mi Li is also a movie producer and investor. She is undoubtedly notable to the public because she is the executive producer and star of the Netflix television show Bling Empire. She is also the executive producer of the FBI decoding series, Cypher, produced by Sonar Entertainment.

In addition, she is the producer of Michael Shannon’s crime drama, Echo Boomers, produced by her company, Wet Paws Media. In addition to being a devoted philanthropist, Kelly has been a board member of many non-profit organizations, including Prince Harry’s Well Child and UNICEF’s Capital Campaign for Innovation.

We want to congratulate and wish the actress all the best as she is about to embark on her new role as a mother. We will update you with the latest celebrity news as soon as it becomes available.

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