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‘Black Panther’ Star Winston Duke On Being Crowned The Face of ‘Plus Size Movement’

Tobagonian actor Winston Duke, best known for his role as  M’Baku in Black Panther, appeared on “The Tonight Show” and shared a hilarious story about Twitter-verse crowning him the face of a plus-size model after his 2022 Winter Cover from Esquire. Jimmy Fallon congratulated the overnight star for his recent “The Winston Duke Era Begins Now” Winter cover for the magazine, which contains a soulful interview from the star.

Winston’s Now The Face of Plus Size

While displaying the winter cover of Esquire magazine, Jimmy Fallon congratulated Winston Duke for making it on the front page titled, “The Winston Duke Era Begins Now”. Jimmy said, “Oh my gosh, look at this guy!” Winston interrupted, “The Winston Duke Effect”. Oh well, his interview with the magazine is worth a read and truly soulful.

After sharing some glimpses of his past presence on Jimmy’s show, Winston revealed that he didn’t expect to grace the cover of such a prestigious magazine. “So all these big guys on Twitter have now crowned me the face of plus size of the plus size movement,” Winston shared.

He revealed, “I woke up one morning and I was plus size.” He said he couldn’t believe that he became the face of the plus-size movement. “I’ve been sharing my apples, and now I am the face of the plus-size movement,” he joked.

Going To Mexico For A Horse Ride…


Winston revealed that after he was crowned as the face of the plus-size movement, he went to Mexico for a horseback ride for a trial. “This horse had no idea that I was the face of the plus-size movement,” he cracked a joke. He continued, “This horse was trying to play me. This horse didn’t want me on his back. This horse was throwing tantrums.” He also mimicked the horse.

“It looked back at me, exasperated, and the guy is just like, ‘no kick him, he’s just lazy’,” he added. Winston revealed that when they got to a mild incline, the horse stopped, looked at him and looked back at the incline and decided it was not gonna go, he joked about his recent crown as the face of the plus-size movement.

In the end, they finally made it two the end after being left behind by everyone. Winston revealed, “the horse finally sees home and that’s the first time on that trip that the horse ran.” He continued his jokes on the poor horse that had to deal with his weight. “This horse has no respect for thick-thigh nations,” he concluded with another punchline.

On a serious note, Winston’s breakthrough role in Black Panther truly made him an overnight star, not to mention, a wanted man in Hollywood. However, the sequel, Wakanda Forever, raised Duke’s profile even higher. For him, it was a way to say goodbye to his pal Chadwick. What do you think about Winston as an actor?

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