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Black Crab Filming Locations are Filled with Stunning Views

An action-thriller situated in an icy surrounding?

It appears to be the appropriate setting. We’re curious about the stunning place after watching the Swedish movie ‘Black Crab.’ And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Six commandos on a covert operation must convey a mystery cargo across a frozen archipelago in the movie, which is centered in a post-apocalyptic environment.

And it certainly does not appear to be as simple as it appears. If you’re curious if the show is based on a true story, it isn’t.

While the plot is inspired by Jerker Virdborg’s novel of the same name, Sweden does have a specialized unit that prepares to conduct covert missions under the worst conditions, similar to what is depicted in Black Crab.

Now let’s explore the filming locations of the movie.

Where Is ‘Black Crab’ Actually Filmed? Let’s Explore

The incredible thriller movie was actually shot in Sweden. Star Noomi Rapace is a Swedish actress who remarked that she was eager to work on the project.

That’s because it was her first Swedish movie in several years. Here’s what she stated regarding it.

“I’m very excited to come back to Sweden and do Black Crab. My first Swedish film in years. Can’t wait to get suited up and go on this journey – explore human shadows and slide through broken dreams and a world on edge. Survival to what price?”

The City Of Stockholm

Though the film was shot in Sweden, it was primarily filmed in Norrbotten County and the city of Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is comprised of 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on a vast Baltic Sea archipelago.

The city is spread on fourteen islands where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. The Stockholm archipelago is located to the east and along the coastline of the city.

The region has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic center of Sweden. And definitely, a place to visit.

Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna is a settlement in Swedish Lapland’s extreme north. It is well-known for the massive LKAB iron ore mine and its subterranean visitors center, which houses a mining display.

The production crew also shot footage at Jukkasjärvi, a village in the Kiruna Municipality. The name derives from Northern Sami, where Cohkkirasjávri means “lake of assembly,” as the region around the lake where the community was formed was a Sami trade.

Check out the post below.

During the winter months, from December to April, the village is a famous tourist destination, and it is most known for its yearly ice hotel, which is certainly made of ice.

Bahnhof, Sweden

Some sequences were shot in the “Bahnhof” server storage cave, which is well known as the home of the wiki leaks server.

Bahnhof, a Swedish internet service provider, opened new gates to its underground Pionen network infrastructure in the White Mountains of Stockholm in 2009.

Anyone who encounters Bahnhof in Stockholm will be excused for humming the theme song to their preferred science fiction movie.

This is due to the Internet service provider’s deliberate design of its server environment to imitate the cinematic feel and look of Silent Running, and any variety of James Bond projects.

The Production Of Black Crab Was A Great Challenge

Capturing the authentic side of the place was a tremendous challenge for producer Mattias Montero.

He stated, “As a Swede, you grow up knowing you live in a country of peace and equality. All in all, life’s good and safe here. But lately, we have all learned how fragile our societies are due to pandemics, civil wars, global warming, and economic chaos.”

“How would it be to wake up one day in a totally destroyed and war-torn Sweden? Producing Black Crab is about flipping the coin and, from a Scandinavian perspective, showing what happens to humanity when chaos arrives.

It’s a big production and a great challenge and thanks to Netflix we can tell this Swedish story to a global audience.”

Looks like we’ve explored enough. Well, what do you think about the shooting locations of this incredible movie? And what are your views on Black Crab? You can drop your answers in the comment section below.

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  1. fantastic movie esp for noomi returning to sweden! Its the best movie I have seen post pandemic, and the scenery is superb. Great job to all involved !


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