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Black Clover Chapter 328 Release Date and Story So Far

The current arc in Black Clover is going to end soon, come faster to the side of manga lovers and experience the grandeur of Black Clover Chapter 328.

Black Clover Chapter 328 Release Date & Where to Read

If you liked the anime and want to know more about Black Clover, read the manga immediately. The anime is top class but consistency is a value that any media should have to succeed, and the manga does that splendidly.

Not only is the anime on a hiatus but the movie that is supposedly coming out is also going to take one year, that is 2023.

Hop on the Black Clover Chapter 328 train right now by visiting Viz Media’s site and read the newest chapter for free on Friday, 25th March, 2022.

The Story So Far

The Demon Lord is here, Lucifero is here to destroy everything that humans have tried to preserve the history, society, and politics of the world that they are living in. The last remnants of the fight are concluding and we can’t wait for the epic battle that is going to start now.

Black Clover is now adopting the age-old shonen battle format of extending the fight to several chapters while in actuality it’s not even 5 to 10 seconds. But the fight with Lucifero looks to give competition to some of the best manga fights in a long time.

The chapter starts with the culmination of Asta and Liebe’s ability, forming a whole black shroud around them to solidify their, what seems to be, the last in a series of transformations that Asta has been part of for so long.

Asta & Liebe: True Devil Union

The chapter begins with Lucifero attacking Asta directly but this time, instead of getting blown back by the sheer power that Lucifero has shown to every other member of the magic knights, Asta remains still to the punch that Lucifero extends to Asta.

A flashback of Liebe’s mother is shown to further petrify the idea that Asta has truly understood the pain that Liebe is going through, completing the story of them being two different people, acting like friends or brothers but now being one special being.

The power of Asta comes into full effect as it s shown that anything that touches him now loses all its magic capabilities, in effect magic can’t do anything to Asta. The chapter then reintroduces the two other people muddled in this confrontation, Yami and Nacht.

The chapter then comes to a conclusion when Nacht reminds us that Asta has finally mastered the True Devil Union that Asta had first startedpracticingg. Whereas Yami looks back to the first meeting of the two, the magic knight’s selection ground.

The conclusion to the whole chapter comes when Asta and Lucifero come into this sick position when Asta is minuscule on the far right corner of the page while Lucifero is at the down corner in a big layout, signalling that the attack from Asta will be as big if not bigger to annihilate the whole body that is covering the screen now.

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