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Billboard’s List Of The Top Pop Stars Of 2022 Announced

Billboard will be counting down our staff picks for the top 10 pop stars of 2022 for our ongoing Greatest Pop Star by Year project this week.

There was a year in Bad Bunny when he jumped from being the world’s biggest Latin pop star to simply being the world’s biggest pop star, and that year was the year of Bad Bunny.

There Will Be An Ongoing Ranking Of The Top Ten Pop Stars Of 2022 By Billboard This Week

The Billboard magazine will be ranking the top 10 pop stars of 2022 this week as part of our ongoing “Greatest Pop Star by Year” initiative, which has been updated for this year to include the top 10 pop stars of 2022. It is a notable example of how Taylor Swift s made up for a short delay in her debut by achieving position three in the list, even though she debuted a little later than expected in the calendar.

Taylor Swift has started the new year on a reasonably low-key note, or at least that is about as low-key as one could expect for a worldwide superstar who is still at the peak of her powers after releasing two full-length albums back-to-back in 2018.

Bad Bunny Made The Top Of The List

Billboard interviewed Bad Bunny in the summer of 2021 about his upcoming production of Tommy Torres’ new album, El Playlist de Anoche, Bad Bunny’s first attempt at producing an album outside the urban realm. It has been said that everything in life is a risk and that nothing can be taken for granted.

If there is one thing that is clear about the Puerto Rican chart-topping artist, it is that he does whatever he works on for those two reasons, enabling him to deliver genuine projects that connect with countless millions of fans all over the globe. He says he wanted to do this album because he felt it fulfilled him.

Bad Bunny’s success was seen as an anomaly by 2022 when it was still a small company. Nevertheless, the veteran singer-songwriter released three consecutive Top Latin Albums-topping sets between 2020 and 2021, had a WWE sting during a match at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa against The Miz and John Morrison, and produced the album that landed Torres his first top 10 entry on Top Latin Albums since nearly a decade.

A massive tour was also announced for 2022, marking his return to live performances since the pandemic. “POR FIN!!! ESTÁN LISTOS??? His caption on social media reads, “Finally! Are you ready for this?” (Finally! Are you ready for this?)

Billboard’s List Of The Top Pop Stars Of 2022

In the following, you will find a list of the top stars that Billboards have chosen as their picks for 2022. Please look at these and pick out your favorite from among them after looking at them.

No. 1: Bad Bunny

No. 2: Harry Styles

No. 3: Taylor S

No. 4: Beyoncé

No. 5: Drake

No. 6: Lizzo

No. 7: Doja Cat

No. 8: Jack Harlow

No. 9: Future

No. 10: Nicki Minaj

There has finally been an announcement of the Billboard list. So how do you feel about it? Who are your favorite stars, and why? Please share your thoughts with us.


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