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‘Big Sky’ Season 3: Where & How To Watch The Crime Thriller?

“In the untamed wilderness, you never know what’s gonna be coming around the bend.”

Big Sky season 3 is scheduled to premiere soon. It tells the story of private detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt, who team up with Cody’s estranged wife and ex-cop, Jenny Hoyt, to find two sisters abducted by a truck driver on a faraway highway in Montana.

When they explore that they are not the only missing girls in the neighborhood, they must work against the timer to apprehend the murderer before another woman is abducted.

Spectators are curious to know where they can catch up on the season. And let us discuss them.

Where To Watch ‘Big Sky’ Season 3?

The third season will premiere on ABC on September 21, 2022. ‘Deadly Trails’ is the title of the season. The best option for catching up on the season is ABC, but if you don’t have the network, we have another alternative for you.

The episode will be available on the streaming service Hulu the following day. But you need a subscription for that.

How To Watch ‘Big Sky’ Season 3 For Free?

We understand that sometimes we don’t want to commit to a subscription. There’s also a tricky free option for the audience. Hulu’s free trial offer is only available to new and eligible returning subscribers.

When your free trial period expires, you can cancel your subscription to avoid being charged. And before that, you can continue watching the episodes and other shows for free.

However, once the free trial period ends, subscription fees begin at $12.99/month and increase to $14.99/month as of 10/10 unless canceled.

Hulu’s [No Ads] plan excludes a few shows that include advertisements before and after the video. Another thing to consider is that Hulu offers a month-long free trial for new subscribers rather than a week.

The Executive Producer Of ‘Big Sky’ Confirms That 1 Character Will Have A Reduced Role In Season 3

Elwood Reid, the show’s executive producer, has revealed that Omar Metwally’s involvement will be whittled down in the upcoming season.

“At the end of [season 2], Omar came to me and he had this opportunity to be in an off-season play. And I said ‘sure’. I didn’t know if we were coming back. I didn’t know when we would come back. I had to write him out.”

Reid also remarked that he is “not dead, he’s not gone.” And added, “He may show up, in fact, at some point. But he’s not in this first group of episodes.”

“I’ll leave it for interpretation,” Reid also teased, and then called Beau “a very fun, interesting guy — and both of these women find him fun and interesting. As the season progresses, there might be some sparks on one of those sides.”

And then added, “I’m playing it very open-ended in the beginning. I don’t want to tilt my hand where we’re going. Suffice to say, all my actors — but particularly Jensen — he’s got chemistry with everybody.”

Are you planning to catch up on the upcoming season? You are welcome to stay tuned with us for more updates. And this season is going to be a blast.

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