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Big Brother 23: Premiere Date, Host, Cast List and Updates

You can finally rest easy knowing that Big Brother 23 will be released in 2021! It’s one of the best pieces of news that has piqued the interest of many people. So, if you’re looking forward to it, here are all of the official details. CBS has verified that the season will begin with a 90-minute episode. The show’s motto is “Expect The Unexpected,” and a lot of unexpected things are going to happen.

During the episode, host Julie Chen Moonves acknowledged Big Brother 23’s release date. The Big Brother 23 live streams will be available on the very first night, immediately following the season 23 premiere on CBS on Wednesday, July 7.

When Will The Premiere Of Big Brother 23 Take Place?

Well, the news is finally here. As previously stated, Julie Chen Moonves made an appearance in a popular clubhouse room, and during the course of the conversation, she mentioned the official release date of Big Brother 23.

The official premiere date is JULY 7, which excited a lot of people out there, the premiere will air at 12:30 am ET and 9:30 pm PT with a special 90-minute episode. Big Brother 23 will air all episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, as it has in prior seasons. This is the same schedule that CBS used for Big Brother.

Who will be the Host of Big Brother 23?

It’s a pleasure to inform you that Julie Chen Moonves, who has hosted Big Brother since its first season in 2000, will be the host of Big Brother 23. She has hosted the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother since its launch in July 2000, and she is the longest-serving host of any nation’s version of the series.

She has done many shows. Julie Chen Moonves also Tweeted “Are you read? On July 7, BB23 will return! Go Big Or Go Home!” Well from this season, we anticipate the unexpected.

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Big Brother 23: Where Can I Watch It?

As part of their greater Viacom family, CBS has carried the Live Feeds and old All Access streaming platform into Paramount+ (Paramount Plus). You can watch BB23 on Paramount+.

It’s all the same CBS content as All-Access, but now it also contains Paramount films and shows and other content. You’ll be able to watch the BB23 Feeds, previous Big Brother episodes, and other CBS shows at Paramount+.

What Is The Confirmed Contestant List?

Well, the casting for Big Brother 23 season 23 has reportedly been finalized, with the contestants expected to be quarantined within the next several days.

The confirmed contestant list is most likely to be released on June 30th, as mentioned by many spoilers on Twitter and Instagram, so let’s keep the confirmed contestant list a mystery, let’s wait for the big reveal.

BB23 Updates

On the other hand, also a piece of important information came around people is, many Twitter accounts are reporting that, unlike BB22, the premiere episode of Big Brother 23 will not showcase a “live move-in of the contestants,” like it did every year as this season premiere is simply classed as a “live premiere” as mentioned.

Well, this implies that Julie Chen will most likely communicate to the contestants live during the first episode, but they will have already moved in the house, which means that fans won’t be able to see the whole procedure. But, as the saying goes, “Expect the Unexpected.” Many things and twists and turns will occur, and the house is described as “Better than ever.”

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  1. Will BB23 focus on a primarily Caucasian cast? Or just a bunch of super skinny folks. I would love to see real people of varying ethnicities, shapes and ages.

    I’m tired of all the White people ganging up and forming alliances and leaving the minorities out!

  2. I hope they don’t try to do that pc thing and flood the show with minority and gay people and have the players talk about how they are doing this for their people

  3. I have the same question. Will BB23 be on regular CBS stations or will we have to have Paramount +? I hooe not because thatbis just not right to not air it on CBS we all cannot afford to pay for Paramount +.

  4. I am so excited for BB23 These it is my favorite time of the year when it ends I’m so disappointed because I want to watch more and more and more I loveBig brother been watching since the first episode big super fan I stay up and watch Big Brother after Dark love it so glad it’s back I wish they would do more episodes that’s how much I really love big brother I wish they would do three a year that would be awesome but I’m sure some people would be like bored with it if they did it three times a year but not me can’t wait so excited

  5. Yes,it will be on cbs..(( the usual Sunday night,wed +Thurs think)). They have been running commercials for July 7th.((and Love Island too)).I think paramount will have the live feeds or after dark ,whatever they’ll call it…

  6. Is it a typo that the premiere is at 12:30 AM EST? Why does this not seem right? I can’t wait for my summer delight in Big Brother.

  7. They’ve already stated that they will have greater representation than ever before. Maybe you just shouldn’t watch at all, since diversity hurts your sensitive eyes.
    If you want to see nothing but a sea of white folks, go to a Trump rally!


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