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Big Brother 2022 Cast: Meet All 16 Contestants of Season 24

Find out who will be worthy of our time this summer by checking out the Big Brother 24 cast.

As we will meet faces with varied professions and personalities, the 24th season will this time be as impressive to watch as the seasons before.

As the show’s executive producer, Allison Grodner, promised last year to fans saying to a news outlet, “We’re always looking for a diverse group of people to put in this house, diverse in personality, backgrounds, where they’re from, everything.”

Big Brother is one of the most loved television game shows. Because it provides a vibrant outlook on life by exploiting how strangers would either work together or rip each other apart for a large sum of money.

With its humorous game settings and astonishingly bizarre challenges that the competitors respond to oddly, it also features a tonne of comedy.

Additionally, because of its ongoing scandalous surprises, the game never gets dull or predictable.

The hosts and producers of the show have planned some huge surprises, some exciting and others challenging, for the new cast this season who will be residing in the BB Motel.

Big Brother 24 Cast List 

Keep reading to learn about the cast members that will be dreading this season’s difficulties, friendships, love, and possibly hatred for one another.

1. Alyssa Snider

Our first cast member, a 24-year-old marketing representative from Sarasota, Florida, is someone we’d like to introduce.

We are aware that people in the marketing industry have some excellent skills, including decision-making, communication, and client appeal. And we believe that Alyssa might apply these skills of hers in the Big Brother house.

2. Ameerah Jones

Yes, her name is pronounced as “ah-mirr-ah.” This young woman works as a content designer and is very dedicated to her work.

This 31-year-old has made the decision to be very truthful with everyone in the home, whether she wants to say anything nice or negative. She is just straightforward and came here to win the game like everyone else. But it doesn’t mean she’s a terrible person.

3. Brittany Hoopes

This hypnotherapist, who has literally set down her thoughts and plan over the span of 40+ pages, appears to be the most prepared person to walk into the BB Motel. People will likely assume Brittany is a belly dancer who enjoys spending time with children.

But we believe it will take some time before people realize that she is actually playing a psychological game and has some unseen methods in mind that she is using to her advantage.

4. Daniel Durston 

Being 6’3 is not awful in and of itself, but Daniel could still come off as a physical threat in the BB house. Daniel is a loudspeaker.

And we dread what the residents of the house will reply to this type of his nature if they have ear problems, haha. Although only his best friends can understand Daniel’s humor.

Because of his deep friendship with them, he has developed the habit of spilling his humorous jokes with everyone he meets. Therefore, it’s possible that some of the house guests won’t get his humor in a very fun way.

5. Indy Santos

Indy is a diligent young woman who believes that her opinion about herself matters the most. She is from So Paulo, Brazil, and appears to be a dynamic woman who despises the lazy.

That doesn’t mean she won’t care about the other contestants, as she made the decision to stick with the house and support everyone else on eviction night.

In her view, even though this is a game about winning, it’s also a game about life, and there needs to be some humanity in the house.

6. Jasmine Davis

As we all know, an entrepreneur is pretty blunt and doesn’t stop to speak for themselves; Jasmine exemplifies these qualities. She was advised not to trust anyone before entering the house, and we believe she will take this advice carefully and remember it.

7. Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli

Joe has a pretty laid-back nature and doesn’t invest more time into fighting. He wants people to see him as he really is; he is from Staten Island, New York.

Also, this blue-eyed guy is a lot of joy to hang out with, but perhaps some of the house guests won’t want a likable guy playing the game. Joe is very direct, as he has said “For me, I’m here. I’m here to support my family. I’m coming to take that cash home.”

8. Joseph Abdin

As a lawyer, Joseph is very intelligent and has an idea of how people will initially perceive him: as a guy who lacks brains but is only physically fit. Little do they know, though, that their initial impression of him will prove to be wildly inaccurate.

Even though Joseph eats a lot, he also loves working out and is concerned about his health.

He gets a little less sleep than the average person, and his habit of doing any random stuff without sleeping or maybe exercising in the middle of the night can irritate other residents.

9. Kyle Capener

Kyle, who is 29 years old, appears to be a sweet, gentlemanly man. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t in this contest to take home the $750,000.

The furious ones might not like Kyle’s nature and think of him as the guy who just wants to be in everyone’s good books because he also helps to lighten the mood during conflicts.

10. Matt Turner

Matt is an energetic individual, but he feels that he must control this aspect of himself so that the other members of the household won’t perceive him as “trying too hard.”

He may have the appearance of being the kind of guy who just drifts around, but in reality, he is a really smart man.

Matt finds it challenging to contain his eagerness and excitable nature on occasion. But he is undoubtedly getting ready to calm down before entering the BB house.

11. Michael Bruner 

With his large glasses and gangly arms, Michael gives off the impression of being a complete nerd, yet he is actually devoted to succeeding at all costs.

There will undoubtedly be some people in the house who would let little things slide. The nut we doubt that Michael won’t be able to relate to them.

Since the values little things highly and wants his friends in the house he will make, to stand up for him as he will do the same for them.

12. Monte Taylor

Although Monte is a personal trainer. This does not mean that he only works hard to maintain a healthy body. He also puts a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy mind.

And his passion for reading and mechanical engineering degree serve as evidence of this.

Monte also seems to be a mysterious person who keeps his ideas to himself. And someone who would stay with him for a little time would find it extremely annoying trying to learn what goes through his mind.

13. Nicole Layog

You’ll find it startling to learn that Nicole, who appears to be young and muscular, is actually 41 years old. The audience always looks for a strong-willed woman in the Big Brother house who doesn’t back down easily.

It would appear from her incredible body art that she is a tattoo or beauty designer. But she is not.

She is a chef who might offer a good taste of her cooking or also a good taste of her upbeat attitude around the house.

14. Paloma Aguilar

Paloma is a 22-year-old interior designer who occasionally says stupid things. The other residents of the house will undoubtedly underestimate her as a stupid girl.

But they are unaware that she occasionally does it to act like one. Paloma, like Monte, prefers to keep her feelings and inner thoughts to herself because sharing them would likely ruin her entire game plan.

15. Taylor Hale

You’ve probably already guessed that she works as a personal stylist based on her appearance. And we want to let you know that you were dead on.

I’m glad to say that this season, we will get to see beauty with brains in the BB house. Taylor believes that when she enters the house, people will immediately think of her as a queen diva who only cares about her good looks and tight-fitting clothes, that is really the case.

But the housemates will know her whole personality later on. Taylor will demonstrate that ladies have much more to give than simply makeup and trendy clothing.

16. Terrance Higgins

He will fill the role of the one elder person who should always be in the Big Brother house to handle things in a responsible manner.

Terrance is a 47-year-old Chicago, Illinois, resident. Terrance may find it difficult to interact with candidates who dislike alpha males and those with dominant personalities.

As we previously mentioned, perhaps his humorous and outgoing personality will help them rethink their views about alpha males.

Do you think the contestants this season offer a difficult challenge to one another? Who do you believe will make a spirited effort to win those $750,000? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  1. I would like Taylor, Monte and Michael in the final three. Then Taylor and Michael final two although Monte is smart and good eye candy. Go Leftovers!!!
    You Rock!!!


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