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Becky G’s Fiancé Sebastian Lletget Accused of Cheating on Her

There seems to be trouble in paradise for Becky G The pop star, who got engaged to soccer player Sebastian Lletget at the beginning of the year, is allegedly being cheated on by her fiancé.

An anonymous woman has come forward on social media, trying to contact Becky and alleging that Lletget slept with her in February this year, two months after his engagement. Read on to know more about the shocking development.

Becky G Allegedly Cheated On By Boyfriend Sebastian Lletget

A woman going by the username @ja29poo on Instagram has alleged that Lletget met her at a nightclub in Madrid, Spain, in February and cheated on Becky G with her. She also shared details of the night on her Instagram stories, claiming that she is not sharing intimate photos and videos of her time with the player due to legal restrictions.

The woman reached out to Becky and wrote, “Sebastian, your boyfriend, cheated on you in February and I have all the evidence (…) I can send them to you privately. Press is contacting me because I will not remain silent.” She also claims to have screenshots of her conversations with Lletget and an audio message.

The post then went viral, and the account was soon deleted. Neither Becky nor Lletget has commented on the matter yet. The news comes just a few months after the 26 year old singer announced her engagement to the 30 year old FC Dallas midfielder.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget have been Together Since 2016

The two were introduced to each other through common friends, the husband-wife duo of Jordan Spence and Naomi Scott, in June 2016. Naomi and Becky became close friends during the shooting of their Power Rangers film, while Lletget played alongside Jordan at West Ham United.

“So, we met through Jordan and Naomi, who kind of played Cupid for us. I like the way we met because it’s different from how it works with most people nowadays, meeting online or through a social app. It was really organic and almost old-fashioned,” Lletget revealed in an interview.

“On our first date we talked about everything under the moon…literally. I remember specifically stuffing my face with sushi and talking about our dreams, goals and visions for where we see ourselves… everything we talked about on that date we are now doing or working towards,” Becky wrote about her man on social media in 2017.

The Couple Announced their Engagement in December 2022

Becky posted a series of photos of her engagement on Instagram on December 9 last year and captioned, “Our spot forever. 🤍” Earlier in October, she revealed in an interview how her relationship still felt ‘brand new.’

“We’ve been together for over six years now and it’s brand new in many ways because we’re really embracing the shifts and changes that are happening in our lives, within ourselves and supporting each other in that,” the Mala Santa singer said.

“He’s an athlete. I’m traveling and touring all the time. We’re both super busy, but when you don’t even have to think twice, you don’t have to doubt your relationship, and you can just be who you are and be inspired by that person to be better, that is something really beautiful, and I have never really experienced that before,” she continued.

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