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Batgirl Movie: Find Out Why Upcoming DC Film Got Canceled By Warner Bros.

Don’t you just hate it when you wait for something for so long and god decides to take it away even before reaching it to you? This is is the exact feeling in today’s post.

The highly anticipated Batgirl that was making some serious roars in the lockdown with its filming footage and exciting plot details is reportedly being cancelled.

Yes, HBO Max’s thrilling addition to the DC world, Batgirl has been shelved by the production network Warner Bros. Fans are having a hard time processing this information. Check out this article to know the full story. 

Batgirl: Upcoming DC Film Shelved By Warner Bros.

Following Warner Bros. decision to scrap their DC Extended Universe film, Batgirl starring Leslie Grace, the Internet has been abuzz with people trying to make sense of this unprecedented decision.

The film was put through the wringer after expanding past its $75 million budget. The movie’s post-production cost reached a whopping $90 million by the time it was done.

Making Batgirl a high-budget affair on August 2nd, the studio rocked fans & media when they vaguely declared the feature a bust.

Information on the plot of Batgirl is a little scattered but it was reported to connect with the bigger DC Extended Universe. J.K. Simmons, who played Commissioner Gordon in Justice League and Justice League: Part 2 was rumoured to reprise his role in the movie.

With the budget restrictions at Batgirl, the production network was able to focus on and craft an intimate story. Certainly why Warner Bros. decided to stop working on the project because it seems that their film was not as good as the other superhero films they’ve been producing.

Why Did Batgirl Got Scrapped Despite Big Million Production

According to several big publications including Variety reports that some people think the reason why Batgirl is being written off so soon might be due to the revenue.

Sources who are justifying the axing of the Batgirl project say that the timing became unfortunate and was a result of sacrifices made for profit. It’s been stressful for DC lately.

While Warner Bros. was committed to boosting their streaming service, the debacle surrounding the Batgirl release in the DCEU happened when they announced HBO Max. 

One of the other reasons includes the audience’s response to the film. The movie, which cost $90 million dollars to produce didn’t match up to the expectations of DC fans.

The film failed to please the audience in the first test screenings. This is reportedly leading Warner Bros. to consider downsizing its budget for future projects and reconsidering how it allocates funds for filming.

A statement by Warner Bros. has been released that states that the decision to shelve the forthcoming DC Batgirl was a part of the new strategic shifts in the DC Universe and HBO Max.

The statement has mentioned Leslie Grace as a graceful and talented actress who is nowhere responsible for the scrapping of the film.

The statement also added that the network is grateful to have worked with the Batgirl team and will explore the working scope again in the near future. 

While DC’s Batgirl didn’t quite enter our universe but there are a few DC films entering theatres in the coming days including Black Adam releasing on October 21, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, on December 21. 

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