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Barry Keoghan & Alyson Sandro Welcome Their First Child Together

Barry Keoghan is about to have a very thrilling experience. I am glad to say that he is now a father. Keoghan and partner Alyson Sandro announced on Monday that their first child had been born.

Barry Keoghan confirmed on August 8 that he and his partner Alyson Sandro welcomed their first child, a son, together.

In An Instagram Post, Barry Shared The Good News With A Picture Of The Newborn

The caption Keoghan wrote on the photo that accompanied the lovely picture of him, Sandro, and their new baby, for whom they have apparently given the name Brando, said, “Welcome to the pack, my boy.” A photo of the actor and his wife, who have been expecting their first child, was posted on Friday morning to his Instagram page with the caption “almost here”.

The Irish Mirror reports that Keoghan announced the birth of his son by taking a picture the next day, with a card and gift from Gucci visible in the hospital. Among the images was a card that was sent from Gucci and read, “Dear Barry and Alyson, Wishing you both a huge congratulations on the birth of your newborn baby! From all of your friends at Gucci XX”

When Keoghan and Sandro announced their pregnancy in June, he teased that they would soon be expecting a child. In an Instagram story by the “Batman” actor, he included a picture of a “First Father’s Day” card and a picture of a sonogram with pictures taken at the time.

Barry Posted A Photo In March That Looked Like A Gender Reveal

In the month of March, however, he took to Instagram to share a photo of him and Sandro embracing at a party that had the appearance of being a party for a gender reveal.

Even though Keoghan declined to confirm that she was pregnant, she captioned the picture with these words: “I don’t know why other people have their opinions about us. We are happy here.”

What is Alyson Sandro’s background?

The information that is available about Alyson Sandro is very limited. Her father is from County Cavan, and she is said to be a dentist by profession. She became a household name after she became Barry Keoghan’s girlfriend and has appeared in several pictures on Keoghan’s Instagram account over the past couple of months.

As early as February 2021, it was speculated that Keoghan and Sandro were dating, but Keoghan confirmed the relationship on Instagram in September 2021. There have been several occasions when Sandro has been with Keoghan to different events, and he has not revealed much about her private life.

The average age of Alyson is likely around 30 years old, and she has blue eyes just like Barry. Apart from all this, nothing much is known about Sandro.

Meanwhile, Shona Guerin was in a relationship with Barry Keoghan. They met in a pub in Killarney where Guerin was working on Good Friday for the first time. After almost 4 years of being together, they appeared together on the Irish show Livin’ with Lucy in 2019, and then they separated in August 2020 after almost 4 years of being together.

We would like to send our warmest wishes to them both as they both enjoy parenting their newborn son. I would appreciate it if you could show some love in the comments.

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