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Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 Winner List is Here

The 58th Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony is back, with awards decorating celebrities’ homes and joy filling their hearts.

There are not only Oscars and Grammy Awards for American series/movies fans, but there are also Baeksang Arts Awards for fans of Korean dramas and movies.

Korean dramas are superior in terms of storytelling since they are permitted to have a conclusion. These dramas do ‘not’ go on forever nor are they meant to do so.

As a result, plot points are resolved and we are given closure. That makes them a lot more enjoyable. But seeing our favorite Korean movies, dramas, actor, or director wins an award at the Baeksang Arts Awards is even more exciting.

Little About Baeksang Arts Awards

Since 1965, the function has been honoring and bringing enjoyment to celebrities. If you’re a South Korean fan or from the south, you may know that this award is considered one of the most prestigious, wait it’s not considered, it is.

So far, we’ve seen a variety of famous faces attend and win prizes, the most recent of which occurred in the year 2021. The night’s highest honors, the Grand Prize (Daesang), were given to director Lee Joon-Ik of The Book of Fish in the film division and variety performer Yoo Jae-suk in the television division.

However, due to the pandemic, the event was held without an audience. And the celebrities did not receive applause physically from people; however, they did receive cheers from the crowd on the internet.

Baeksang Arts Awards 2022

After two years of no on-site audience, the Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 were finally completed flawlessly with an on-site audience.

The ceremony, which was organized by Ilgan Sports and JTBC Plus, began at 7:45 p.m. KST on May 6, 2022, at KINTEX, Ilsanseo-gu, Gyeonggi Province.

This year’s Baeksang Arts Awards were a total blast because we know how many Korean movies/dramas became popular on Netflix. And because of Netflix, they became popular worldwide.

And that’s why we believe these celebrities deserved that award, and for those who didn’t receive the award, we hope to be able to write a piece about them winning next year.

Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 Winner Is Finally Here

So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you looking forward to finding out who won this year? Well, let us bless your eyes with these talented winners.

Grant Prize In Television Category – Squid Game

Best Drama – Television Category

  • D.P (Winner)
  • Twenty Five, Twenty One
  • Squid Game
  • The Red Sleeve
  • Political Fever

Best Actor – Television Category

  • Lee Jun-ho: The Red Sleeve (Winner)
  • Jung Hae-in: D.P. as Ahn Jun-ho
  • Lee Jung-Jae: Squid Game
  • Im Si-wan: Tracer
  • Kim Nam-gil: Through the Darkness

Best Actress – Television Category

  • Kim Tae-ri: Twenty-Five, Twenty-One (Winner)
  • Han So-hee: My Name
  • Lee Se-young: The Red Sleeve
  • Park Eun-bin: The King’s Affection
  • Kim Hye-soo: Juvenile Justice

Best Director – Television Category

  • Hwang Dong-hyuk: Squid Game (Winner)
  • Han Jun-hee: D.P.
  • Jung Ji-in: The Red Sleeve
  • Lee Na-jung: Mine
  • Yoon Sung-ho: Political Fever

Best New Actor – Television Category

  • Koo Kyo-hwan: D.P. (Winner)
  • Shin Seung-ho: D.P.
  • Yoo In-soo: All of Us Are Dead
  • Choi Hyun-wook: Twenty Five, Twenty One
  • Tang Jun-sang: Racket Boys

Best New Actress – Television Category

  • Kim Hye-jun: Inspector Koo (Winner)
  • Lee Yeon: Juvenile Justice
  • Lee Yoo-mi: All of Us Are Dead
  • Jung Ho-yeon: Squid Game
  • Cho Yi-hyun: All of Us Are Dead

Best Entertainment Program

  • Street Woman Fighter (Mnet) [Winner]
  • Shooting Stars (SBS)
  • Single’s Inferno (Netflix)
  • You Quiz on the Block (tvN)
  • Transit Love (TVING)

Best Educational Show

  • Docu Insight: National Representative (KBS) [Winner]
  • Great Minds (EBS)
  • Story of the Day When You Bite Your Tail season 3 (SBS)
  • My Golden Kids (Channel A)
  • Kiss the Universe (KBS)

Best Supporting Actor – Television Category

  • Cho Hyun-chul – D.P. as Cho Seok-bong (Winner)
  • Lee Deok-hwa – The Red Sleeve as King Yeongjo of Joseon
  • Lee Hak-joo – Political Fever as Kim Soo-jin
  • Lee Hyun-wook – Mine as Han Ji-yong
  • Heo Sung-tae – Squid Game as Jang Deok-su

Best Supporting Actress – Television Category

  • Kim Shin-rok – Hellbound as Park Jeong-ja (Winner)
  • Kang Mal-geum – Thirty-Nine as Cha Mi-hyun
  • Kim Joo-ryoung – Squid Game as Han Mi-nyeo
  • Ok Ja-yeon – Mine as Kang Ja-kyung
  • Jang Hye-jin – The Red Sleeve as Court Lady Seo

Best Female Variety Performer 

  • Joo Hyun-young (Winner)
  • Song Eun-i
  • Lee Mi-joo
  • Lee Eun-ji
  • Hong Jin-kyung

Best Male Variety Performer

Lee Yong-jin (Winner)

  • Kim Gu-ra
  • Moon Se-yoon
  • Jo Se-ho
  • Key

Best Screenplay – Television Category

  • Kim Min-seok – Juvenile Justice (Winner)
  • Kim Hong-ki, Park Nu-ri, Choi Sung-jin, Yoon Sung-ho – Political Fever
  • Baek Mi-kyung – Mine
  • Lee Na-eun – Our Beloved Summer
  • Hwang Dong-hyuk – Squid Game

Technical Award – Television Category

Jung Jae-il (Music) – Squid Game (Winner)

  • Kwon Tae-eun (Music) – King of Mask Singer, Sing Again season 2, Poongryu, Superband season 2
  • Kim Hwa-young (Cinematography) – The Red Sleeve
  • Eom Young-shik, Kim Da-hee (Animation) – Yumi’s Cells’
  • Chae Kyung-sun (Art direction) – Squid Game

TikTok Popularity Award Winners

  • Kim Tae Ri (Female)
  • Lee Junho (Male)

Film Category

Here’s the list of awards won in the film category.

Best Film

  • Escape from Mogadishu (Winners)
  • Miracle: Letters to the President
  • Sewing Sisters
  • Romance Without Love
  • King Maker

Best Actor – Film Category

  • Sol Kyung-gu: Kingmaker (Winner)
  • Kim Yoon-seok: Escape from Mogadishu
  • Lee Sun-kyun: Kingmaker
  • Jung Woo: Hot Blooded
  • Choi Min-sik: In Our Prime

Best Actress – Film Category

  • Lee Hye-young: In Front of Your Face (Winner)
  • Go Doo-shim: Everglow
  • Park So-dam: Special Cargo
  • Im Yoon-ah: Miracle: Letters to the President
  • Jeon Jong-seo: Romance Without Love

Best Director – Film Category

  • Byun Sung-hyun: Kingmaker (Winner)
  • Ryoo Seung-wan: Escape from Mogadishu
  • Park Dong-hoon: In Our Prime
  • Lee Jang-hoon for Miracle: Letters to the President
  • Jeong Ga-young: Romance Without Love

Best New Director – Film Category

  • Jo Eun-ji – Perhaps Love (Winner)
  • Kim Chang-ju – Hard Hit
  • Nam Gung-seon – Ten Months
  • Pil Kam-sung – Hostage: Missing Celebrity
  • Hong Sung-eun – Aloners

Best New Actor – Film Category

  • Lee Hong-nae: Hot Blooded (Winner)
  • Kim Dong-hwi: In Our Prime
  • Kim Jae-beom: Hostage: Missing Celebrity
  • Mu Jin-sung: Perhaps Love
  • Jung Jae-kwang: Not Out

Best New Actress – Film Category

  • Lee Yoo-mi: Young Adult Matters (Winner)
  • Gong Seung-yeon: Aloners
  • Bang Min-ah: Snowball
  • Seohyun: Love and Leashes
  • Choi Sung-eun: Ten Months

Best Supporting Actor

  • Jo Woo-Jin – Kingmaker as Director Lee (Winner)
  • Koo Kyo-hwan – Escape from Mogadishu as Tae Joon-ki
  • Park Yong-woo – Spiritwalker as Director Park
  • Sung Yoo-bin – Perhaps Love as Kim Sung-kyung
  • Heo Joon-ho – Escape from Mogadishu as Rim Yong-su

Best Supporting Actress

  • Lee Soo-kyung – Miracle: Letters to the President as Jung Bo-kyung (Winner)
  • Kim So-jin – Escape from Mogadishu as Kim Myung-hee
  • Kim Jae-hwa – Escape from Mogadishu as Jo Soo-jin
  • Shim Dal-gi – Snowball as Ah-ram
  • Oh Na-ra – Perhaps Love as Mi-ae

Best Screenplay

  • Jeong Ga-young, Wang Hye-ji – Romance Without Love (Winner)
  • Namkoong Sun – Ten Months
  • Ryoo Seung-wan, Lee Gi-cheol – Escape from Mogadishu
  • Byun Sung-Hyun, Kim Min-soo – Kingmaker
  • Lee Yong-jae – In Our Prime

Technical Award

  • Choi Young-hwan (Cinematography) – Escape from Mogadishu [Winner]
  • Kang Jong-ik, Seo Byung-cheol (VFX) – The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure
  • Cho Hyung-rae (Cinematography) – Kingmaker
  • Choi Seong-gyeom (Stunt direction) – Special Cargo
  • Han Ah-reum (Art direction) – Kingmaker

Baeksang Play – Theatre 

  • Jakdang Mock – Turkish March (Winner)
  • Extreme Hatangse – Theater Company
  • Roadkill in the Theater – National Theater Company
  • Fall II – Project Group Bar-Dabab
  • Hongpyeong Gukjeon – Theatre 907

Best Short Play – Theatre

  • Kim Mi-ran (director) – This May Be a Failed Story [Winner]
  • Over the Crowd: Solving the Story – Pansoria Jit Nollae Box
  • Lee Oh-jin (director and writer) – Call Time
  • Lee Hong-do (producer) – Lee Hong-do’s Autobiography (My Playwright Life)
  • Han Hyeon-joo (producer) – House: House Sonata

Best Actor – Theatre

  • Park Wan-gyu – Red Leaves (Winner)
  • Kwon Jeong-hoon – The Sun
  • Kim Dong-hyun – A Man Typing a Typewriter
  • Yoon Sang-hwa – The Good Monster
  • Jung Kyung-ho – Angels in

Best Actress – Theatre

  • Hwang Sun-mi – Hongpyeong Gukjeon (Winner)
  • Kang Ji-eun – Leader
  • Park Eun-kyung – The Time of Leaven
  • Park Ji-young – This May Be a Failed Story
  • Shin Yoon-ji – Hee-in Crazy for Youth Club

What are your thoughts on this year’s winners? Are you satisfied with their selection as the winners? Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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