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Azealia Banks Calls Australia “Broke And Racist”, Slams Aussie Tour Promoters As “Scammers”

Just hours before her performance in Brisbane, Azealia Banks cancelled her show, and the Aussies were wondering why? If you ask the rapper, Australia isn’t even the last country on her list of tours. Now, in a series of Instagram stories today (Dec. 20), the “212” artist slammed the country once again, calling it “broke and racist” following her past experience. She also called Australian tour promoters “Scammers”, urging other artists to not tour in the country.

Demoralising Experience In Australia

Azealia’s recent Instagram stories are worth a watch! In another social media rant, American rapper Azealia Banks called out Australia as “broke and racist”. Not only this, but the 31-year-old rapper also cancelled her show at the Tivoli in Brisbane on December 13th, just hours before her performance. Well, she’s had a bitter experience and is urging other artists to never play in the country.

Azealia wrote on Instagram, “I’m so sorry you guys – actually I’m not sorry – but listen last time I was in Brisbane and y’all threw s*** on the stage and damn near almost f***ing hit me in the face with a f***ing bottle of soda or whatever that s*** was. She called it the most “racist and demoralising experience” of her life, adding that she is on a really “good track” right now.

Weeks later, Azealia Banks slammed Australia by uploading a series of Instagram stories wherein she called out Aussies, their currency, even stressing that she never intends to come back to this “racist” country.

“My gut instinct told me not to come down here and stay my ass home. Next time I will listen to myself. For I am more often than not… Always right,” she wrote in one of her stories. She also urged other artists to stop touring in this country.

Australia Promoters Are “Public Leeches”

Azealia didn’t stop raging at just one or two issues. In her subsequent stories, “Chaos & Glory Recordings” record label owner slammed the Australian dollar by writing: “$1 AUD = .61 USD”. She continued, “Honestly, I’m not trying to rag on Australia even more than I have been, but this little 61 cents to the dollar … ”

She continued in her story that she’d spend a lot more more to sue these Australian promoters for their “little Australian pennies”, calling it “charity. She specifically called out the scam between Bizarro and Point Blank Productions. “Both promoters were paid for my hard work and now they are trying to cite all these stupid things as reasons for not paying me a penny,” Azealia complained.

“I flew all over the world to come home empty-handed. Sweet. I will not come back”, she concluded. She specifically named Australian tour agents, calling them “scammers” who never intended to pay her. These allegations have been denied by the agents.

In a later post, Azealia stated that “All the white people here are broke and racist LMAO.” “‘Artists: If you or your agents are contacted by Bizarro or Point Blank Productions in Australia, DO NOT RESPOND. It’s a scam,’ she emphasised.

Well, this is not the first time that Azealia has ranted about Aussies. In 2015, she called performing at Splendour In The Grass festival a “waste of my fucking time”. After an Australian radio host tweeted to congratulate her for her performance, she called Australia’s audience a “terrible crowd to play for” and “violent and belligerent”.

In 2016, someone threw a beer can at her during her Melbourne performance, which led to her leaving the stage in only 90 seconds. Well, Banks already had a reputation for disputes with several public figures on social media, now, she’s raged a war against the whole country. What do you think?

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