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Ashton Kutcher Mistook Harry Styles As A ‘Ringer’, Failed To Recognise Him At Friend’s Karaoke

Ashton Kutcher appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and revealed that he didn’t know who Harry Styles was. He stated that he failed to recognise him and mistook him for a “ringer” at a friend’s Karaoke party. From walking down memory lane to discussing his tech ideas, Ashton and Jimmy had a lot to talk about. Here’s all about it.

Ashton Kutcher Didn’t Know Harry Styles…

Jimmy Fallon recalled how he’s known Ashton Kutcher for almost two decades. Ashton joked, “We knew each other before everybody had cell phones.” After a little chit-chat about their recent dinner together and their time on “SNL”, Jimmy asked, “I heard this story that you told recently. You went to a neighbourhood karaoke party.” Ashton interrupted, and said, “Oh god, this has become like a thing.”

Ashton then explained, “My neighbour had a birthday party and they had a karaoke party.” He revealed that his wife, Mila Kunis and he went to the party and they were just sitting there and this “guy gets up and starts singing this song” and he was unbelievable.

Ashton recalled, “This guy’s like–he’s really good and I used to go to karaoke all the time, I used to go to like Fairfax Farmers’ Market, which used to have a karaoke night, and there were like ringers…” Coming back to his story, he added that he turned to Mila and he was like, “This guy’s a ringer. He must be on the karaoke circuit.”

Ashton then turned to his friend and asked, “man, that guy was really good.” His friend then told him, “that’s Harry Styles”. An embarrassed Ashton revealed that he didn’t know who he was until he was introduced to him by a friend. Ashton Kutcher added that he still isn’t aware of Harry Styles, even though he knows the “watermelon” song.

He exaggerated, “If Harry were here and there were like 5’6 handsome dark-haired fellas, I’d be like, I don’t know. It’s one of them.” Jimmy shockingly asked, “you don’t know Harry Styles.” Ashton stated: “I legitimately don’t”.

Ashton Is Pop-Culture Aneamic…

When Jimmy asked again and again if Ashton doesn’t know Harry Styles, Ashton revealed that he is so pop-culture anaemic in his life, he doesn’t watch those things. “If you ask me what’s going on with the Hubble Telescope, I’d tell you. If you ask me what the latest advancements in Alzheimer’s research are, I can give you a couple of citations.”

He continued, “If you asked me who the guy who invented the ChatGPT-3 is, and picked him out of the crowd, I could probably tell you that.” He also added that during the party, he and his wife told Harry, that, “man, you’re really good, you should do this!” On this, Jimmy joked and said, “Harry would be like, Ya I do this pretty successfully.” Well, Ashton’s already apologised to Harry for that awkward encounter.

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