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Arifureta Season 3 Might Arrive but First Let’s Talk About the OVA

Arifureta Season 3 is hopefully still in the works as the OVA drops today, which you can watch on Crunchyroll right now.

Our favorite hybrid hero and his ragtag group of ladies return in the new OVA of Arifureta following up on the finale of season 2

News About Arifureta Season 3

While being a mediocre success amongst the heavy hitters of Spring 2022 like Dress Up Darling or Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2. The series is on a very risky path as the creators might want to bury the story because of the mild reception.

There is an OVA that follows the ending of season 2 which came out yesterday, available on Crunchyroll for streaming. There’s some discussion speculating that the third season of Arifureta is going to be released somewhere around the middle of 2023.

The anime has only covered the first 6 volumes of the story and more than half of the material is still remaining to be adapted into anime. So there’s enough material to go through for future seasons.

Premise of Arifureta

The story revolves around the main character, Hajime, when he and his classmates get transported to another world, he gets the short end of the stick being forced to fit in the role of a commonplace Synergist.

While he is a part of the hero party, fate has it that he gets in a situation where his party members think that he is dead. But things happen and the next thing we know is that Hajime is eating a wolf which unlocks the power of alchemy to a greater length.

Also, his hair turns his hair white and his physical build turns into a young macho man. His attitude towards the world changes as he becomes more distant, and he makes it his goal to reach Japan anyhow.

While the characters of this show are funny and gimmicky in their way, they seem to be copies of characters from other comedy popular shows like KonoSuba or isekai staples like Sword Art Online.

The Problems With Arifureta and Isekai in General

The story feels a little too jarring with the story beats of every episode remaining the same. The story o the episode starts with someone seeking help from Hajime or him coming across someone who needs help.

While in the beginning, he declines, afterward, he helps them because he thinks he will gain something in return or because one of his party members wants him to be a good person by helping them.

So he helps them by shooting his rifles and magic cannons and all the over-powered weapons he can find in his arsenal.

And after completing his mission, there’s a female along the way who just happens to fall in love with him and wants to travel with him, ever so increasing the main cast of the show.

The only great thing about Arifureta is the dedication it has to stick to the isekai cliches, which makes it an enjoyable watch. If they keep on renewing the series which has nothing to offer creatively to the isekai genre, fans will keep getting infuriated.

When anime like No Game No Life and Spice and Wolf keep being shelved, and anime like Arifureta keeps getting more and more seasons fans tend to get angry. But let’s hope that Arifureta season 3 can redeem itself in Mid 2023.

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