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Are Jack Harlow And Selena Gomez Dating? Rumors Explored

Recent rumors suggest that Jack Harlow and Selena Gomez might be secretly dating! The rumors started after Selena Gomez left a bunch of cheeky comments on Jack’s TikTok video. This led to them trending on social media. Most of their fans are excited that they might be a couple and already ‘ship’ them together.

Are Selena Gomez And Jack Harlow Dating?

The rumors first started when Selena Gomez posted a 12-second video of herself listening to Jack’s hit song First Class. In the video, Selena is chilling on the bed while listening to the song. She smiles and looks at the camera while zooming the camera in and out of her face.

But that was not all. After the video, Selena left comments like “I am here for Fergie” and “Lol nah that s**t is funny” on Jack’s TikTok. However, after her comments started getting attention from the fans, she deleted them. Although the exact reason is not known, many believed that she deleted the comments because of the attention they were getting.

Some fans believe that Selena is shooting her shot and wants to date Jake Harlow. There are also rumors that both of them stayed in the same hotel while they were in New York. That is not all, some fans believe that they might appear together on SNL and this is just a way to get the fans hyped up.

Jake Harlow’s Relationship

It remains to be confirmed whether they are a couple or not. But, is either of them involved with anyone? Jack Harlow was rumored to be dating Addison Rae back in 2021 after they were seen together at a boxing event. But recently, Jack confirmed that he was single and that the stakes were much higher now that he was a celebrity.

He went on to say that he loved women and dating and used to fantasize about the day when he would make it as a rapper and be surrounded by women. However, he said all that changed when he got the popularity and he was more careful about all of it now.

Selena Gomez’s Relationship

The last person rumored to be dating Selena was Zen Matoshi. Zen and Selena were spotted together at Dua Lipa’s concert in New York. The two appeared to be enjoying a cozy date but could not hide from the cameras long enough. However, the rumors of them being in a relationship were not confirmed.

Disappointingly for the fans, not many clear pictures surfaced from the concert. However, Daniella Pierson, co-founder of WonderMind shared a picture of her posing alongside Selena and Zen. The picture was captioned “We’re ‘Levitating’.”, a play on the words of Dua Lipa’s famous song Levitating.

Jack Harlow and Selena Gomez are both private people when it comes to their dating life. However, fans are excited by the idea that they might be secretly seeing each other. They may just be appearing on the SNL together or might have a song coming out. But for now, Selena has deleted the comments that started the rumors and the fans are freaking out.

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