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Are Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline Back Together? Ex-Couple Spotted Holding Hands

The Outer Bank stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline have reignited some rumours as they were seen holding hands in a couple of photos that the show’s official Instagram account posted.

In the pictures posted, 29-year old Chase and 24-year old Madelyn are both seen holding hands whilst walking alongside their co-stars Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Drew Starkey and Carlacia Grant from their hit Netflix series.

The picture was a sneak peek into the third and upcoming season of Outer Banks. “Wouldn’t wanna be stranded with anyone else. OBX3 is now in production”, the show’s official account captioned it.

Chase also shared both the pictures on his Instagram account and captioned it, “welcome back”, as fans started to go crazy about him holding Madelyn’s hand.

Are Chase and Madelyn back together? 

Fans sure are hoping so!

Although the picture wherein they’re holding hands doesn’t give away much, fans are clinging to the hope that the stars might be back together. Especially because Chase and Madelyn didn’t just have spot-on chemistry as John and Sarah in the show, but had that spark even behind the curtains.

The couple had started dating back in April 2020, after it was alleged that they had been in quarantine together. And the rumours were soon confirmed as the duo made their relationship exclusive.

They even bagged the Best Kiss award for Outer Banks at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in May 2021 and kissed each other passionately onstage as they accepted the award.

But in the latter part of 2021, the pair had apparently called it quits after sources confirmed their breakup. “Chase and Madelyn are not together anymore”, a source informed Page Six during that time. “It’s no secret among those who know them that they broke up.”

Apparently, the couple had already been going through a rough patch in September and “were openly talking to friends about the breakup by October.”

The duo remained friends even after their breakup 

Even after their split, Chase and Madelyn decided to stay on amicable terms as they were seen reuniting at the People’s Choice Awards just a couple of months after they’d parted ways romantically.

Chase was also seen talking (more like swooning) over his ex-girlfriend in late December in an interview with Us Weekly. “She’s one of my favourite people on planet Earth”, he mentioned. “You know, it’s super awesome to work with somebody that you care about that much, and yeah, I’ll leave it at that.”

However, both the stars were seen with other people after their breakup. While Chase was spotted getting hot and heavy with his “mystery girl” as he made out with her in Orlando’s Eden The Lounge in December 2021, Madelyn was alleged to have been linked to Zack Bia as they were seen dining at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica the same month.

The 25-year old DJ, however, addressed his situationship with Madelyn in January 2022 and said that they had decided to keep things casual for the time being.

Fans are going crazy at the possibility of Madelyn and Chase getting back together

It doesn’t matter whether both of them are seeing someone else or not, because nothing is going to stop their fans from rooting for the couple.

As Chase put up the pictures on his Instagram, fans flooded his comment section with speculations and hype messages.

One follower commented, “please tell me they’re holding hands IRL & not just their characters!!” While another questioned, “ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER???”

Someone also exclaimed, “MADDIE AND CHASE I CAN’T BREATH[E].”

Most of the others expressed their excitement by pointing out how the two were holding hands and whether that could mean they were back together or not.

A lot of them also congratulated Chase and the rest of his co-stars for season 3 of Outer Banks.

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