Archie Panjabi Stars in Adversaries

“The Good Wife” actress Archie Panjabi isn’t done with the world of fictional law firms just yet. NBC has given a put pilot commitment to a new law drama in which she will play the lead. Panjabi will not only star in “Adversaries” but will also be a producer.

The drama, which hails from Alex Berger and Martin Gero, is a humorous but aspirational show about an LA attorney who leaves the comfort of her home and city to practice law in Wisconsin, according to the Deadline description. 

In her new city, she is forced to deal with stereotypes and preconceived notions about her from locals. But she also has to come to the realization that there’s more that unites us rather than divide us. ‘Adversaries’ is striking because sheds a light on middle America, which should be interesting considering our current political climate.

“Adversaries” also marks Panjabi’s return to the peacock network. She previously appeared in the NBC drama “Blindspot” in its second and third season. Reportedly, Panjabi had the idea for her character and she took it to producers Berger and Gero, with whom she worked on “Blindspot.” The latter two then came up with a concept for the show surrounding on Panjabi’s character.

The actress is best known for her work on the CBS legal drama “The Good Wife.” She played an investigator named Kalinda Sharma. Her work won her an Emmy for the Best Supporting Actress. Kalinda broke norms because she was bisexual.

Most recently, she starred in the British series “Next of Kin” alongside Shabana Azmi and Jack Davenport. Her credits also include “Brooklyn 99,” “BoJack Horseman,” and movies like “A Mighty Heart,” “San Andreas,” and “Bend it Like Beckham.”

We’re excited to see Panjabi lead her own show. It’s about damn time! With it’s put pilot commitment, which is a positive sign the network will pick it up to series, “Adversaries” is hopefully a certainty.


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