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Apple TV+ Dropped The Trailer for The Reluctant Traveler Featuring Eugene Levy

This might bring a really familiar feeling for all binge-watchers who refuse to see their favourite actors play another role in some other thing except their famous part from the said movie or TV show.

One classic example of this is the TV show FRIENDS. We refuse to see the six best friends play someone else in other movies or shows.

Similarly, the popular show Schitt’s Creek has given us some incredible characters that have itched their places in our hearts.

One of the loved characters from the show is Johnny Rose, the building man of the Rose family. He was one of the most sorts after characters from the show who engraved his unique personality in our hearts.

If you’re one of his fans then this news might jump you as Eugene Levy is making another appearance on our screens but this time will be different.

The man is stepping out of his comfort zone in an all-new TV show. AppleTV is bringing Euegene Levy in a brand new show “The Reluctant Traveler ”. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Reluctant Traveler Trailer Featuring Eugene Levy In A Travel Show

For many people, staying in the safety and comfort of their own genres is preferred. But Emmy-winning actor Eugene Levy is ready to venture out of his comfort zone to explore new opportunities with his new travel show The Reluctant Traveler on Apple TV+, there is something fresh on the table for all the Schitt’s Creek fans. 

At the 2023 Television Critic’s Association Winter Press Tour, a trailer was released showing Levy exploring wide-ranging locales – from the chilly Arctic Circle to the sun-drenched Maldives. It looked like he was embarking on an unforgettable trip!

At the start of the trailer, Levy is seen standing in the Arctic Circle, one of the world’s most extreme environments. This serves as a representation of what’s ahead, and it looks like it won’t be too easy for Levy as he is naturally more comfortable staying at home.

He’s not just sightseeing. He also likes to indulge in luxurious hotels, visit some of the most renowned sights, and try new and often intimidating experiences that only a globetrotter like him can appreciate.

Along the way, he’ll face exciting and unique challenges such as officiating sumo wrestling matches in Tokyo, taking a helicopter ride in Utah, sailing boats in Lisbon, ice fishing in Finland or even feeling an elephant’s behind. All these experiences will test his courage and strength.

When is The Reluctant Traveler Releasing?

The all-new travel show is set to arrive on AppleTV+ on February 24th. He is embarking on a journey of discovery, hoping that it will take him to new places and open up opportunities he never imagined. Despite being slightly apprehensive, he is looking forward to his globe-trotting experience.

Who is Making The Reluctant Traveler?

The show is led by Eugene Levy featuring in the action-adventure travel show. Along with featuring in the show, Levy is executive producing the show alongside David Brindley. 

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