Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know who Aparna Nancherla is and you know she’s killing it! The 34-year-old comedian has appeared on “Conan,” “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail,” and “Crashing.” Variety included her in their Top 10 Comics to Watch Out For list in 2016. Plus, she has a great cameo in the season 2 “Master of None” episode “First Date.” Obviously, she’s only just beginning.

So, whether you want to acquaint yourself with her wit or just brush up on your knowledge of her humor, here’s some amazing tweets. She’s super active on social media, thankfully, so follow her already!

1. She had the perfect response to Donald Trump withdrawing U.S. from the Paris climate deal.

2. When she realized what the outrage should really be about.

3. She understands exactly why avocado is the basic hipster trend.

4. Obviously, this is a great idea for decluttering the White House.

5. We love how she can turn the chocolate chip vs. raisins debate into something so on-point.

6. Yeah, there’s no denying this, though.

7. So glad she knows all the weird joys of life.

8. Always saying it like it is.

9. SLAY!

10. Bold & badass aka our favorite kind of inspiration!