Bollywood actor Anupam Kher’s list of achievements is continually on the climb. He is nominated for a BAFTA award in the Best Supporting Actor category for his excellent performance in “The Boy With The Topknot.” The TV movie, which aired on BBC last year, is based on the memoir of the same name written by British-Sikh journalist Sathnam Sanghera.

The book and the movie deal with the moving stories of his family, his mother Surjit, who moved to Britain as a teenager and was married to a man, Jagjit, who was mentally ill but no one around him recognized this besides her. She bore the brunt of it before medicines stabilized his condition. The movie chronicles Sathnam’s journey from growing up in Wolverhampton, England to his journalism and writing career.

In the TV movie, Kher is joined with actors like Sacha Dhawan, who plays Sathnam, and Deepti Naval plays Surjit. The cast also includes Vineeta Rishi, Jaz Deol, and Joanna Vanderham. For this year’s BAFTA, Kher is the only one nominated for an award but he dedicated this to Sathnam, his family, and his cast and crew.

It has been a great few last months for Kher. He recently wrapped up shooting for the pilot of an untitled NBC medical drama. In it, he plays a doctor named Anil Kapoor. If the pilot gets picked up, we will be seeing a lot more of him on our screens starting this fall. Besides this, Kher has appeared in the Netflix original drama “Sense8” for both its seasons, he co-starred alongside Russell Peters in “The Indian Detective,” and has done roles on the big screen including “Silver Linings Playbook.”

As for the other BAFTA nominations this year, Kher isn’t the only South Asian nominated. Asim Chaudhry is nominated for the Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme for his performance in BBC Three’s “People Just Do Nothing.” Sanjay Singhal is nominated alongside his team Ursula Macfarlane, Jon Alwen, Sarah Hunt for the documentary “One Deadly Weekend in America.” Filmmaker Deeyah Khan’s movie “White Right: Meeting the Enemy” is nominated in the Current Affairs category.

Last year, Adeel Akhtar won the Best Actor BAFTA for his role in the TV Movie “Murdered by my Father.” Some of the other South Asians who have been nominated for a BAFTA include Freida Pinto, Om Puri, Dev Patel, Satyajit Ray.

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