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Anitta Reveals She Would End Her Singing Career in the Next 6 Years

All the Anitta fans out there, you only have six years until your favorite singer stops dropping new music. The Brazilian singer has revealed that she would be retiring from her singing career in the next six years.

Anitta, who was nominated for her first Grammy this year, made the revelation in an interview just before the award ceremony. She explained that she enjoys doing different things in life, so sticking to one career forever is not her priority. Read on to know what else the 29 year old singer stated about her career plans.

Anitta Announces She Would Retire from Music in Six Years

The Envolver singer, who had a decade-long hustle before making a name for himself in the international music scene, was in a conversation with Billboard when she made the surprising statement.

Anitta said that she ‘for sure, definitely’ retire from her music career in the next five or six years as she ‘change, challenges and trying news things.’ She is also interested in venturing into an acting career, which would be at the top of her list in the next half-decade. The singer has reportedly already received a few film offers.

The Singer Revealed her Struggles while Trying to Make a Career in the US

Anitta, who was already a sought-after singer in Brazil for many years, made a name for herself in the US and internationally with the release of her fifth studio album, Versions Of Me, which featured the Spotify chart-topping single Envolver.

Opening up about the struggle she went through before shooting to success, Anitta said, “I really wanted this because I heard so many times that it was impossible, and I wanted to prove that it was not, someone can do this.” She further said that she was always told that ‘Brazilians couldn’t cross over in the States,’ but she ‘could not accept it.’

Anitta also explained how she used to perform in Brazil on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then travel to the US to find work during the week. Meanwhile, she also took up English lessons to get help with her recording sessions. The singer expressed that ‘It was crazy’ and she always felt ‘so tired.’

Anitta Received her First Grammy Nomination This Year

After winning six Latin Grammy awards, Anitta finally earned her first Recording Academy Grammy nomination this year. She was nominated for Best New Artist for Versions Of Me, but ended up losing to Samara Joy. The rest of the artists featured in the category included Wet Leg, Omar Apollo, Latto, and Måneskin.

Talking about the achievement, the singer said that people in her home country “are super happy and very supportive of me, whenever ‘Envolver’ was starting to get really really big on the charts out of Brazil, the Brazilians, they saw it and were like, ‘If you love your nation, you’ve gotta play this song.’ … When it was No. 1 global, it was a holiday.”

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