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Anime Genres Explained: Complete List of Anime Genres

If you have been watching anime for a long time, you must have observed that each anime belongs to a specific genre. There are a wide variety of genres that an anime can be based on, including action, horror, drama and supernatural, to name a few. 

Many popular anime genres have been around for years now, and if you want to know all about them, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a detailed list of all the anime genres that you should know about. So let’s get started.

Major Anime Genres

There are 13 broad categories that an anime can be categorized as:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Slice of Life
  • Supernatural


These kinds of animes feature intense action sequences. You will find high-octane battle scenes and fights. This is one of the most popular anime genres that keeps you on the edge of your seats. A few notable shows in this genre include Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist and Darker than Black.


The characters in adventure animes keep moving from one place to another in the quest for their goal. They travel around various destinations to accomplish a specific target, for example, escaping or defeating a villain and searching for a hidden treasure. 

Adventure-based animes can also overlap with other genres, such as action and love. Some famous adventure animes are Fairy Tail, One Piece, Kino’s Journey, Spice and Wolf and Hunter X Hunter.


Comedy animes are made with the purpose of making the audience laugh. The story usually features quirky dialogs and hilarious situations that bring a smile to the viewer’s face. Usually, the animation in comedy animes is not as impressive as in action or adventure categories, but they make it up with their humorous content.

Gintama, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Nichijou and The Haruhi Suzumiya Melancholy are some well-known comedy animes.


Drama animes generally evoke a wide range of emotions in their viewers. They try to connect the audience with the character’s experiences. The experience can be emotional or have a number of different feelings. 

Good drama animes are able to connect directly with your heart, and some of them can even make you cry. Kanon, Clannad, Your Lies in April, Little Busters, and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day are examples of drama animes.


This genre covers magical events, dreamworld and fantasy locations. These shows feature events that are beyond scientific explanations. Sometimes the characters start from the normal world, and then their journey takes them to a fantasy world. Magic is an integral part of these shows and impacts a significant portion of the story.

Some famous fantasy animes are Nanatsu No Taizai, Fate Night, Strike Witches, No Game, No Life, Inuyasha and Slayers.


Horror animes are there to scare and creep you out. Get ready to get some chills down your spine while watching these shows. The horror animes involve characters of monsters, ghosts and creeps. Bloody violence and gore are central themes for some of the shows belonging to this category. These could be pretty scary if you are watching them alone or at night.

School-Live!, Hell Girl, Junji Ito Collection, Parasyte – The Maxim and Corpse Party are a few horror genre animes.


Magic genre animes involve all kinds of spells. The characters could have magical powers before the story of the show begins, while in some shows, the story revolves around how the characters get to possess the powers and learns to control them. A popular sub-genre in this category is the magical girls.

Some animes that fall into this genre include Puella Magica Magi Madoka, Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, The Virgin Maria Witch, Magical Doremi, Sailor Moon, Little Witch Academia and Cardcaptor Sakura.


This genre revolves around mysterious places, items and events. These animes keep you hooked throughout their run and drop subtle easter eggs on the way, leaving you guessing. The most common sub-genre in this category is criminal and detective-based shows. The mystery is set in the narrative around a thing or event. Some mystery genre animes are Gosick, Hyouka, Detective Conan, Eden of the East and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


These animes touch upon psychological and philosophical issues. The stories revolve around the working of the mind. These shows generally feature mind games and battles that force you to think critically.

Death Note, Paranoia Agent, Future Diary, Monster, Zetsuen no Tempest and Mirai Nikki are some animes that fall in the psychological genre.


Love is the central theme of the animes specified in the romance genre. The story features the characters falling in love and the troubles they face in their relationship. In some of the shows, the lovers do not unite until the very end of the series. Some others also feature love triangles and squares.

The romance genre is generally loved by the audience for its sweet moments and the complex dynamics of the relationships. The shows in this genre can overlap with other genres such as drama, comedy and psychology. Some romance animes are Itazura Na Kiss, Valkyria Chronicles, Kare Kano, Suki-little Li Nayo, Golden Time, Isshukan Friends, Honey and Clover, Special A and Lovely Complex.


Sci-Fi stands for science fiction. These animes feature technological elements in the show, including machines and robots as the main characters. Space and mecha are the most popular sub-genres in this category. These shows focus on the advancements in science and technology. Some examples in the genre are Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Outlaw Star and Knights of Sidonia.

Slice of Life

Slice-of-life animes are set in real life domain and feature characters in ordinary good life. The shows are a little less dramatic and more real and mostly focus on the positive and happy events in the characters’ life. Lucky Star, Non Non Biyori, Koufuku Graffiti, Barakamon, Wagnaria, Great Teacher Onizuka, Angel Beats, Nichijou and Little Busters.


Supernatural animes feature events that can not be explained in an ordinary or scientific way. These revolve around stories that go beyond the accepted reality and showcase magical, mythical, or mystical characters. Usually, a mysterious undertone also follows through the series. Bakemonogatari, Blue Exorcist, Durarara, Mushishi and Noragami are some of the animes that belong to the supernatural category.

Which anime genre do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section.

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