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Animated Film ‘Nimona’ Finally Finds a Home on Netflix, Twitter Reacts

After so many years of development and constant planning, Nimona is all set to hit the screens. The film will soon come out on the streaming giant Netflix. For those of you wondering Netflix is not the first home of the film instead it is the second one. Nimona will see the light of the day in the year 2023 on the streaming service.

More Details about the upcoming film of Netflix

The story of Nimona revolves around the titular character, a shapeshifter, who joins the villain Ballister Blackheart in his plans to destroy the over-controlling Institute. The movie is based on ND Stevenson’s novel of the same name.

Nick Bruno and Troy Quane will wear the director’s cap for the animated feature. Chloë Grace Moretz, Riz Ahmed, and Eugene Lee Yang will be seen voicing characters for the movie. The forthcoming film will be an adaptation of ND Stevenson’s bestselling graphic novel.

Why did Disney ditch ‘Nimona’?

In the past, Nimona was being developed at Blue Sky Studios for years but then Disney decided to shut down the studio in 2021. The forthcoming film will be focused on a gender non-conforming main character and it will also feature LGBTQ+ themes which are very rarely seen in animated films.

In a statement, Blue Sky Studios stated that a few concepts of the movie Nimona faced a pushback from the side of Disney.

The news that the movie will be released on Netflix was confirmed by Stevenson on the social media platform Twitter.

ND Stevenson tweeted, “Nimona’s always been a spunky little story that just wouldn’t stop. She’s a fighter…but she’s also got some really awesome people fighting for her. I am excited out of my mind to announce that THE NIMONA MOVIE IS ALIVE…coming at you in 2023 from Annapurna and Netflix”

How did the fans react to Netflix’s move of adopting ‘Nimona’?

As soon as the news broke out, the fans flooded Twitter with loads of messages. They were almost surprised by the big move of Netflix toward the film.

One user wrote, “The Nimona news has put me in the best mood all day. Hearing about the horror my friends go through daily at other studios trying to get a crumb of queerness in anything compared to my experience of Netflix encouraging us to go further then we dared, it’s the right place for it.”

Another user tweeted, “so Disney were really happy to let Netflix buy Nimona instead of releasing a queer-inclusive animated film (when they desperately need to show some action in support of the queer community). They’d rather sell it off than support us – actions speak louder & that speaks VOLUMES.”

Followed by another user who wrote, “I’m going to be completely honest I am so happy that Nimona got revived from Netflix and we are going to be getting it in 2023 honestly this is now one of my most anticipated movies in 2023.”

These were a few reactions of the fans to the streaming platform’s move of adopting Nimona. Don’t forget to stay connected with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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