Searching Director Aneesh Chaganty
Photo Credit: Twitter/Aneesh Chaganty

Fresh off the success of his summer blockbuster “Searching,” Indian-American director Aneesh Chaganty is ready to helm his next film. Written by Chaganty, the new film is titled “Run” and will be led by award-winning actress Sarah Paulson.

“Run” will be produced by Natalie Qasabian and Sev Ohanian, who also worked with Chaganty on “Searching.”

According to a Deadline report, this thriller follows a teenage girl who has lived in complete isolation with her single mother, played by Paulson. The girl’s life starts to unravel when she discovers her mom’s well-kept sinister secret.

“Searching” received rave reviews upon its release in August and earned $65 million worldwide. The film was a visual treat, portrayed almost entirely through phone and computer screens. It starred John Cho as single father David Kim. When his daughter goes missing and the investigation goes seemingly nowhere, David takes it upon himself to search for her using her social media as a guidebook.

In an interview with The Teal Mango, Chaganty hinted at filming “Run” later this year, calling the plot “dark and twisted.” If anyone can do dark and twisted, it’s Paulson, who is best known for her work in “American Horror Story.”

Chaganty, who transitioned into full-time filmmaking after leaving his job at Google, also stated in the interview that his goal is to “make stories that are specifically about Asian Americans, Indian-Americans or, you know, anyone but never make the plot dependent on that.”

If “Searching” is any indication, his next directorial venture “Run” promises to be an excellent cinematic adventure.





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