American Show Desi Tadka: The Real Housewives of Bollywood

September 15, 2020 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

People seem to love reality shows even though it’s often not actually “real.” The “Real Housewives” shows have been doing well in America, sucking viewers into all the drama and chaos. With so many spin-offs of the show, what if the creators went to India for a Bollywood spin-off?

We already have shows like “Indian Idol,” “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars,” why not a “Real Housewives” Indian spin-off?

Not to worry reality show creators, we’ve already found you a cast of Bollywood wives to star in your show so this American show can get a bit of desi tadka.

Our Real Housewives of Bollywood cast:

Twinkle Khanna

There is always a blunt character on these reality shows who tells it like it is and Twinkle Khanna totally fits the bill. Khanna aka Mrs Funny Bones is so witty and straight forward, she’s bound to create some drama.

Though her words may get into trouble at times, Khanna is ridiculously entertaining. She’s also that family oriented character who has her shit together. Khanna has handled motherhood, marriage and a career quite well so she would be a well-rounded addition to the show who tells it like it is to keep everyone in check.

Sussanne Khan

Sussanne Khan is famously known for her filmy family—like brother Zayed Khan and cousin Fardeen Khan and her ex-husband, Hrithik Roshan. The single mother of two is an interior designer and last year she teamed up with friends Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu to to be style editors at a The Label Life curating clothing, home decor, accessories and more.

Alchemy for Chivas.. crafted for the senses. explore and experience. Delhi, 18 th February 2017.

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A spot on our “Real Housewives” dream team would definitely bring her some exposure. With all that baggage she’s got, audiences would love to see the drama she brings considering the rumors of drug abuse and cheating surrounding divorce from Hrithik Roshan.

She also brings an inside look at the film fraternity because although she grew up among stars, she is not an actress.

Shilpa Shetty

While Khanna gave up acting years ago for life behind a keyboard, Shilpa Shetty continued acting, developing a fitness brand, and working in reality shows. Shetty won the U.K’s reality show “Big Brother” becoming an international star, and sits on a panel of judges on various reality shows. Like Khanna, the career-oriented star is dancing her way through motherhood and marriage.

Once a top actress, it would be interesting to see how she manages her career now that she is older in a film industry so obsessed with younger and younger actresses.4

Malaika Arora Khan

Item queen Malaika Arora Khan is newly divorced and the sexy diva is a bold character the show needs. She’s the popular girl on this reality show.  She definitely adds to the sex-appeal of the show as she is always the center of attention when she walks into a room.

Opinionated and feisty she will bring some drama with the new role she must now handle as a single parent and the dating world—if she’s ready to dive back in. Wonder how her ex-husband will take that news?
Currently we can usually catch Arora on dance reality shows as a judge or as the style editor for clothing at The Label Life.

Of course, we’ll see some cameo appearances from her sister Amrita Arora, ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and brother-in-laws Salman Khan and Sohail Khan.

Mira Kapoor

There is always a young character who is straight out of left field, so why not include new mom Mira Kapoor?

Hello world. 🌼

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She’s super young and not from the film industry at all so she provides a totally different perspective. Also, since she did have an arranged marriage we are sure to find a ton of drama with her adjusting to her new life as wife, and now, as mother. In combination with these Bollywood mom’s it would be fun to watch her keep up with the drama because from her appearance on “Koffee with Karan” we can see that she see’s the fraternity as a strange new world.

Karishma Kapoor

With Malaika Arora on the list, how could we not have one of her best friends, Karishma Kapoor, the Queen of awkward 90s dancing.

Kapoor was one of the most sought after actresses in her youth. She has since left the film industry, got married, had children, separated from her husband, tried to return to the film industry and finally was granted a divorce in 2016. She has been a single parent for a while now and has started dating again—maybe she can give Arora some tips?


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With gossip queen Kareena Kapoor as her baby sister and a messy divorce behind her, Karishma definitely will bring the much needed drama to this dream cast! Rumor has it Karishma’s ex-husband is not happy she’s dating again!

Bipasha Basu

Newly married fitness goddess and every guy’s sexy fantasy—Bipasha Basu is definitely the perfect addition to this crew. Men still dream of marrying her but she’s head over heels in love with her husband, Karan Singh Grover. Though it is her first marriage, it is Grover’s third which has Basu’s fans—and father—very concerned about. But they’re so annoyingly happily in love we can’t help but hope for the best while we scrutinize their every move on the show.

Those extra hot scenes in films will have viewers excited to see this couple in regular life.

Basu is still taking on acting roles as well as modeling, making fitness videos, and working as the style editor of accessories on The Label Life along with Malaika and Sussane.
Know an actress who would make a great addition to our dream cast? Leave a comment and let us know!

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