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The American hit show “New Girl” is a hilarious comedy that throws in some meaningful life lessons along the way. The story revolves around a group of guys who are best friends and roommates in need of a fourth roommate. Quirky elementary school teacher Jess answers their ad online because she has left her flaky, cheating boyfriend and needs a place to live ASAP. Their unusual friendship—and their crazy adventures together—are what make the show unique and so lovable.

“New Girl” would be the perfect show to remake for the Indian audience—especially the modern youth who would love a show that reflects their own life and struggles. “New Girl” would deal with relationships, finding who you are in life, and the stigma’s attached to a single girl living with a bunch of men.

What if popular Indian telly stars were cast in “New Girl?” What would it look like? Here’s my choice for the perfect “New Girl” cast!

Jessica (Jess) Day and Nick Miller

Jess and Nick are the friends who turn into more than friends in an on-again-off-again relationship. Quirky, innocent Jess is an elementary school teacher who, as seasons pass, eventually becomes vice-principal of the school. Nick is not as dumb as he seems, the bartender actually finished law school and passed the bar exam (a secret only Jess knows) but decided to follow his passion of bartending instead. Real-life couple Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani are the perfect Jess and Nick!

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Negi and Dhanjani are a fun couple you can’t help but love—exactly what Jess and Nick are. Negi has that same innocent face, high-pitched child-like voice as Jess and she’s just naturally quirky. Dhanjani is not only handsome but versatile because as reckless as Nick is, he has his serious moments as well and is pretty well-versed in how to deal with life—even though it doesn’t always seem that way.


Who else could play an overly sensitive womanizer but everyone’s favorite reality show host—Manish Paul! This role requires a lot of skill as a comedian, a natural talent of Paul’s.

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With his corny pick-up lines and elaborate, outlandish tricks at picking up girls, I can’t think of a better person to play Schmidt. Schmidt can be that creepy guy that hits on everyone. He’s highly superficial and will strike out 1,000 times before he gets a girl. In his head, however, he is the epitome of a ladies’ man.

However, creepy aspects aside, he can still be a genuinely caring person, characteristics that we can see Paul portraying as well.

Cece Parekh

Cece is an aspiring model who takes on various jobs throughout the show to support herself. She is of Indian descent on the show and has to deal with things like protective mother and arranged marriage. Cece and Jess are childhood best friends—practically sisters—and their personalities complement each other.

Where Jess is positive, Cece is realistic, when Jess whimsical and child-like, Cece is grounded and mature. While Jess is a sweet young girl, Cece is a sexy siren. Who better to play Cece than Ada Khan!

Khan is a stunning and petite actress who is known for her role in the hit show “Naagin” as well as her work in comedy on “Comedy Nights Bachao,” and “Pardes Mein Mera Dil.” The diverse roles show that she can play the sarcastic and grounded Cece while adding in some comedy on the side. Cece and Schmidt do date in the later seasons, Khan and Paul would make a hilarious couple as well.

Winston Bishop

Winston is awkward and tries too hard to fit in and be “cool.” He used to be a professional basketball player on the Latvian team but loses his spot and returns to stay with his friends Nick and Schmidt. Winston tends to be the scapegoat in many situations and from his talents in “Bahu Hamari Rajnikant” it’s clear that Karan V. Grover can handle it all!

Yeh dhai kilo ka haaath jab padta hai na , to aadmi utha nahi, uddd jaaata hai…

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Winston and Nick are childhood best friends and have a hilarious chemistry—a chemistry we’re sure Grover and Dhanjani can easily recreate as they are friends in real life as well. Oddly enough Winston and Cece have a weird friendship as being the two most logical characters on the show, Khan and Gover together would be a lovely combination to see on screen.


Coach is Nick’s friend who lives with them in season 1 and returns later on. He is a fitness-obsessed gym teacher that always needs to time everything. With a body like Karan Wahi’s, of course, we picked him to be the athletic Coach!

Coach is a man’s man—very tough and not in-tune with his emotions—which is why he has trouble connecting with Jess at first: because she is all emotions. Coach is cute, funny and not exactly the sharpest tool in the tool box—a role Wahi has played many times before.

Think you have a better casting option in mind? Comment and let us know!


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