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Amanda Bynes On Psychiatric Hold, Found Roaming Naked On Streets

Amanda Bynes has reportedly been placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold on Monday (March 20). The former Nickelodeon star was seen walking downtown L.A. without any clothes. It is reported that she herself called 911 and was taken to the police station, where the mental health team decided that she be put on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Amanda Bynes Walked Naked On Streets…

Amanda Bynes, known for her work in the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That (1996–2000), has reportedly been placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold. The step was taken after Amanda was found walking named in downtown LA early Sunday morning (March 19).

An eyewitness revealed that the 36-year-old star was seen walking without any clothes. She then waved a car down, telling the driver that she was coming down from a psychiatric episode. Thereafter, Amadan called 911 herself and was taken to a nearby police station, where a mental health team decided to put her on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

FYI, a psychiatric hold allows a person experiencing a mental health crisis to be detained for 72 hours for “psychiatric hospitalization because of a potential threat of harming themselves or others or being gravely disabled”.

Before this episode, Bynes was supposed to appear at the 90s Con in Hartford, Calif. However, That’s4Entertainment revealed that Amanda dropped out shortly before the event began as she was suffering from an undisclosed illness.

Amanda’s Mental Health History…

Amanda has struggled with mental health and substance abuse for a long time. The “What I Like About You” star announced an indefinite hiatus from acting in 2010 as she struggled with various personal problems. If you don’t know this, Amanda was in a conservatorship from August 2013 to March 2022.

In 2012, she was charged with DUI but the charges were later dropped and she receievd a three-year probation. Next year, she was charged with reckless endangerment and marijuana possession. It was reported that she threw a bong out of the window after the police authorities entered the apartment.

From facing legal issues for starting a small fire in a driveway to accusing her father of emotional and sexual abuse during her conservatorship, Bynes continued to have a fair share of troubles. In 2014, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2022, she apologised to her parents for the series of tweets against her father and revealed that she has been sober.

She filed to end her conservatorship in Feb 2022, and it was officially terminated in March 2022. But again, the recent episode reflects that she needs more help than ever. The “All That” panel appearance at the 90s con in Connecticut could have marked her first public appearance since the end of her conservatorship.

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