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Alison Brie And Dave Franco Relationship Timeline – A Low-Key Hollywood Love Story

Dave Franco and Alison Brie are the epitomai of a celebrity couple. Having met in early 2011, the couple has been together since. Fans of the couple are in awe of how they talk about one another. In addition to his role in Neighbors, Franco is best known for his role in The Disaster Artist, a movie in which he co-starred with James Franco.

Recent developments have led to him taking on the director role for the first time. In addition, the actress has appeared in several television shows and films, including Sleeping with Other People and Spin Me Round and has been a leading cast member of shows like Glow and Community.

Alison Brie And Dave Franco Relationship Timeline

Franco and Brie have worked together on some great films over the years. Franco is set to direct Brie in his directorial debut, The Rental, and star in a new project they are working on shortly.

It is adorable to see how much support both celebrities have for one another, and their love story is very touching. The following timeline shows Alison Brie’s relationship with Dave Franco through the years.

Alison Brie And Dave Franco Met Up At Mardi Gras In 2011

According to reports, Dave had been dating other actors in the industry before he met Alison, including “Glee” star Diana Agron. So it was at one of the happiest places on Earth, Mardi Gras when he and Alison crossed paths in 2011. However, he hyperfocused on her.

The two met at the airport while they were on their way to New Orleans when Alison’s friend Jules suggested they hook up. As soon as the two of them had accepted each other’s proposal, they began their whirlwind romance, which lasted for only a short time.

During His Marriage Proposal In 2015, Dave Franco Recreated His First Date With Alison Brie

It wasn’t long before Alison and Dave decided to take their vacation fling a step further after their Mardi Gras meet-cute. The couple began dating shortly after the trip, and after nearly five years of dating, the Neighbors star finally decided it was time to propose to his girlfriend after the trip.

In his proposal, Dave referred to the first date Dave and Alison had in New Orleans as a callback. As the evening progressed, Alison wore a silver mask throughout the night, allowing her and Dave to engage in playful back-and-forths as they attempted to figure out what the show meant.

The same mask was worn by Dave when he asked Alison to marry him in Big Sur, Calif. Where Alison lived at the time, but after wearing the show, his idea for a symbolic proposal quickly fell apart.

There Is A Sense Of Freedom That Alison has felt Since She Married Dave Franco, Which She Revealed In March 2017

The creative duo didn’t prioritize getting married before they got together, but they were confident their relationship would last forever, no matter how long it lasted. According to a media report, the couple was reported to have been married privately in March 2017. The laidback couple didn’t put on a big show for their big day, but Alison gushed about how the milestone had changed her life and how it made a big difference to her.

The Couple Confirmed They Will Not Add To Their Family In June 2018

A year after Alison and Dave married, Alison discussed their relationship, the decisions they made as a couple, and the changes in their relationship. The Mad Men star, who appeared on the cover of The Sunday Times in June 2018, confessed that she and Dave had no intention of having a child together during their marriage.

The couple is said to be happy with the decision to become pet parents, as Alison stated it had less impact on her career.

Alison Accompanies Dave As He Directed His First Film In July 2020

There have been several projects that Dave and Alison have collaborated on since they started dating. After a year of marriage, they were pleased to co-star with James Franco in The Disaster Artist in 2017, marking their first marriage year.

It was only a short time after the release of The Little Hours that they made another film. However, the two met under very different circumstances regarding their second project. They will be starring together in the upcoming movie The Rental, which is set to premiere in July 2020.

David made his directorial debut with this horror movie and was a film co-writer. Even though this wasn’t their first time writing together, Dave said that without his loving wife by his side, he would not have been able to make it through such a challenging process.

Filming For Alison Brie And Dave Franco’s Quarantine Passion Project Began In 2020-2021

There was a surprising amount of free time that Alison and Dave could devote to creating another movie. Somebody I Used to Know was adapted from a romantic comedy script they wrote during Coronavirus.

She did not discuss the project with Dave in 2020, but she told him their working relationship inspired them to dream of making a rom-com. As a result, the two screenwriters spent a considerable amount of time researching several romcoms before writing their own during the writing process.

Alison Brie Talks About How Well She And Dave Franco Communicate After Five Years Of Marriage In August 2022

It was the fifth anniversary of Alison and Dave’s marriage which they celebrated in March 2022. As the couple is notorious for keeping their personal lives private, it’s impossible to find out how they spent this special milestone. However, after their anniversary, Alison revealed a little nugget about her marriage.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said she expressed the importance of using your words as often as possible. She said that it has helped her and her husband stay strong.

A Drunk Alison Brie Appears In A Promotional Clip For “Somebody I Used To Know” In January 2023

The press runs for Dave and Alison’s romantic comedy, Someone I Used to Know, began in January 2023. Even though Alison and Ryan co-wrote the film, she will be the only one on camera in the upcoming movie, which will be released in 2020. ‘Ally,’ a “workaholic” struggling to come to terms with her past decisions, is described as Alison’s character in the movie’s description.

The movie tells the story of Ally and Sean, a former boyfriend played by Jay Ellis, the alum of Insecure. While Alison and Dave won’t be seen together as lovers on screen for their passion project, the film has given them a chance to reminisce about the early years of their relationship.

A video of Alison and Dave sharing an mp3 audio clip from 2013 was posted by Alison on Thursday, Jan. 12, in which they share the audio clip she found. Alison is recorded incoherently in a clip telling Dave how grateful she is to have him in her life. A few years later, the 6 Balloons actor could retrieve the inebriated message sent by his wife from the lock screen of his phone as “Alison drunk.”

In February of 2023, Amazon Prime will have the release of Someone I Used to Know. The duo fans look forward to seeing their newest project and hope they will continue to work together to make more films. Are you among those fans? Please share with us in the comments.

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