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AI-Generated ‘Drake And The Weeknd Song’ Creates Buzz Across The Internet

AI is indeed taking things to the next level. After fake Tom Hardy’s recent AI stand-up video, making slight jokes about his Brazilian model ex-wife, an AI-generated song, featuring fake Drake and The Weeknd is making rounds across the internet. While the exact details of the creator are not known, we have some revelations to make here.

What’s In Drake & Weeknd’s AI-Generated Song Video?

Who knew, a robot could do some justice to Drake and The Weeknd’s respective voices? A recent AI-generated son, featuring the two artists is making buzz across the internet. The track is called “Heart on my sleeve”, and the song is currently trading on TikTok/Twitter.

The track has been created with the use of AI programming, which means no humans involved! Now if that’s the case, then it’s not just the factory workers who must fear for their future.

In the track, you can hear the Young Metro intro, which is accompanied by a bass-heavy beat club as Drake starts the opening verse. The best part is that the lyrics do give us the classic Drake vibes. Talking about the Weeknd, the same goes for his chorus.

Who Is Behind The Viral Track?

While social media continues to reap the fruits of this creation, fans continue to wonder about the mastermind behind this AI-generated track. But, thanks to AppSumo’s Mitchell Cohen who took a deep Twitter dive, and figured out that there has to be a tech startup behind the video.

The man started a full-fledged Twitter trend to find out the origin of “Heart On My Sleeve”, and it came out that it all started with a TikTok account, “ghostwriter977”. Per Mitchell’s claims, a tech startup could have prepared this video. Drake and The Weeknd haven’t commented on this creation yet.

Mitchell also re-tweeted, “And the bio link goes to a Laylo page asking people for their phone #. That’d be a strange move from Drake. Or it is a strange move from an ai ghostwriter wanting more streams. Why not just link it directly? Also, what is Laylo? Here’s where it gets interesting…”
The anonymous user, “ghostwriter977” takes you to a site, Laylo, a start-up company, which claims to provide lead generation to creators and tools to increase fans/subscribers. Interestingly, the anonymous account also uploaded another AI Drake song a couple of days ago. What do your Sherlock instincts suggest about the creator?
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