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‘Aftersun’ Trailer Highlights Profound Love Between A Father And Daughter

The Cannes Film Festival has become infamous for its caffeine-fueled chaos. Amidst the commotion, there’s nothing like getting that sense of discovery by finding an exceptional directorial debut.

The highlight this year was Scottish filmmaker Charlotte Wells’ first film: Aftersun, which won headlines at the recent Cannes Film Festival. The film came out as one of the strongest projects of this year from the debut director. 

Some films manage to so thoroughly bring to life the fragments of memory that you feel like you’re reflecting on your own life along with them. Films that are capable of making you feel like you are reliving your own memories.

Though there are many that do this, Aftersun by Charlotte Wells is one in particular. The film that garnered the most appreciation at the global festival is now here with a trailer for the world to witness the great work. Check out this article to know everything.

Aftersun Starring Paul Mescal Is Finally Here With The Premiere Date 

A24 has acquired the North American rights to Aftersun, which won several awards at Cannes. It was directed by Charlotte Wells, making her feature film debut. The drama stars Emmy winner Paul Mescal and newcomer Frankie Corio.

Aftersun made a great first impression with the festival’s top critics during the prestigious Critic’s Week. A tender movie showing the purest form of love between a daughter and her father, Aftersun has decided to release in UK and US on November 18th, 2022.

Aftersun Trailer Highlights Profound Love Between A Father And Daughter

Aftersun is a great film about a divorced father and his 11-year-old daughter, who is dealing with their troubled relationship. Their story is told mostly from Frankie’s perspective, which really brings him to life.

After winning awards at this year’s festival, the film is coming to theatres for everyone to witness the sweet and ethereal story.

The trailer takes us on a journey through Frankie’s lens. The daughter of a father who has pieced her every memory through home recorded videos that make the most of the entire clip. 

Sophie reflects on the shared joys and special thoughts she had during a holiday with her father twenty years ago.

She reminisces about the memories she shares with him during their time together and what it was like to get to know him outside of his limitations. The film is made up of short clips from that visit as well as scenes from Sophie’s perspective on this time.

What is the movie about?

Once-in-a-generation films are rare. The stunning debut feature writer-director Charlotte Wells has created a thoughtful film, one where every scene seems to be built and played out with care.

The insights this father and daughter share with each other feel authentic like they’re speaking directly to you while building an understanding of their family and their life that’s just not realized in many movies.

The film will explore its plot from Frankie’s perspective as she reminisces about life and a melancholic trip she took with her father years ago.

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