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After Life Season 3 Release Date, Trailer and Where to Watch?

Certainly, a talent like Ricky Gervais is sure to provide astounding results. Since Gervais had put an immersing storyline, the drama fans loved his current work. Now, After Life Season 3 is releasing soon this January. Sadly for the fans, Netflix has confirmed this to be the final season.


Nevertheless, the official YouTube channel of Netflix streamed an official trailer for the upcoming series. Undoubtedly, the trailer mesmerized the viewers with its heart-rendering content. Also, fans have been wondering about Ricky Gervais’s future projects. Since Ricky is a legend in the industry, his every action attracts numerous fans.

After Life Season 3 Trailer Leaves Viewers Spellbound

On January 2nd, 2022, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for the final season. No sooner did the trailer stream, than the fans went wild. Truly, it was an emotional rollercoaster with a slight touch of humor. Not only do we see Tony getting back with his life, but we also spend some heart-warming moments with Lisa.

Seeing Ricky Gervais’ character- Tony Johnson, getting back to his life will be quite a journey. Over the two previous seasons, fans have fallen in love with the characters. Whether it be laughing at the dark humor, or crying at the emotional scenes After Life has had an immense impact.

When is After Life Season 3 Releasing?

Resulting in the series’ great success, Ricky Gervais wanted to give the audience an exemplary experience. Gladly, we don’t have to wait much longer. The 3rd and final season of the dark comedy-drama series is releasing on January 14th, 2022. Let’s see how the final episodes turn out to be. Regardless, we know that it’ll be a heck of an experience.

What’s After Life About?

The American TV series follows Tony Johnson who’s recently lost his wife due to breast cancer. As a result, Tony holds the world responsible for his loss. Thereafter, he starts living a life where he doesn’t care what others think of him. Tony insensitively says and does whatever he wants.

However, everyone around Tony starts pitying him and mostly forgives him for his actions. The final trailer for 3rd season showed Tony remorseful about his actions. Indubitably, his wife Lisa wouldn’t have ever wanted him to live this way. Let’s see how the third season ends this exemplary series.

The Cast of After Life

  • Ricky Gervais as Tony Johnson
  • Diane Morgan as Kath
  • Tom Basden as Matt
  • Tony Way as Lenny
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Sandy
  • Ashley Jensen as Emma
  • David Bradley as Tony’s Dad
  • Kerry Godliman as Lisa
  • Penelope Wilton as Anne

Where To Watch After Life Season 3?

Since Netflix has exclusively produced the series, it solely holds the rights to stream it. Hence, you can officially view the series on Netflix. The previous two seasons are currently available on Netflix. Moreover, there is news about Ricky Gervais directing an exceptional sit-com series after the final season of After Life.

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