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Aerosmith Suspends Las Vegas Shows Following Steven Tyler’s Relapse

It was announced Friday evening that the rock band Aerosmith would be canceling its show due to an illness that the band has been suffering from.

In an announcement published on the band’s Twitter page, Steven Tyler, the lead singer, stated that he was unwell and unable to perform. He also said the show had to be canceled on Friday evening.


On Twitter, The Singer Announced The Cancellation Of The Show

It has been announced that Aerosmith will not perform Thursday night on September 26 in Las Vegas as Steven Tyler suffered a vocal failure.

Earlier this week, the singer announced on his Twitter account that they had canceled the show scheduled for Park Theater at Park MGM as part of their “Deuces Are Wild” residency. He wrote, “I LOST MY VOICE… BUT I CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT. REFUNDS FOR THURSDAY 26TH OF SEPTEMBER’S CANCELED PERFORMANCE WILL BE ISSUED AT POINT OF PURCHASE. @Aerosmith #DEUCESAREWILD”

In addition to its current Las Vegas tour, AEROSMITH is scheduled to play 14 more shows before the end of the year – 1 show in September, four in October, seven in November, and two in December.

There Were Plans For The Show To Start At 8 p.m. On Friday

There was supposed to be a show at 8 p.m. on Friday, but it was canceled. As soon as the band realized there would be no show, they announced it on Twitter just over an hour before the show started. As part of the band’s limited residency at Park MGM, Deuces Are Wild will perform three more shows at the Dolby Live Theater in December as part of their Deuces Are Wild possession.

The announcement on Twitter read that Tyler was expected to make a full recovery in time to perform on Monday night. In addition, the band provided information regarding the refunds for those who were not able to attend Friday’s show.

During June, the band canceled all of its residency dates for the remainder of July due to Tyler’s voluntary entry into a treatment program after relapsing due to foot surgery.

About Steven Tyler

In 1970, Steven Tyler formed the famous rock band Aerosmith. He was the lead singer at the time. Having been blessed with a wide range of vocal abilities, he is well known for his high-pitched screams, for which he is known as the ‘Demon of Screamin’.

In addition to playing harmonicas, pianos, and percussion instruments, the musician is also a talented harmonica player. In addition to being extremely energetic, he was often seen performing acrobatics during his musical concerts and shows, for which he usually wore colored costumes that were vivid and bold. His father, who was both a classical musician and a music teacher, was a music lover born into a family of music lovers, and music became a natural part of his life from an early age.

Having a passion for music from an early age, he knew that he would make a career in music and his future career choice was never in doubt. After meeting musicians Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton in the mid-1970s, he formed the rock band ‘Aerosmith’ with them, and they were successful during their initial years. During the mid-1970s, they broke into mainstream success with a series of hits.

Despite the band’s success, its members’ drug problems overshadowed its success. With Tyler’s drug addiction becoming the most problematic aspect of the band, the band became notorious for its drug addiction. However, the band returned after rehabilitation and rose to prominence again due to its revival.

It is expected that the show will take place on Monday, however. Consequently, the band’s performance shouldn’t worry the fans. Is Aerosmith your favorite band? Comment below and let us know.

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