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Adele’s Las Vegas Residency New Dates and Venue Leaked

Adele’s Las Vegas residency has finally got a new date! Titled Weekend With Adele, the series, which was initially going to open in January this year, will now open by the end of the year.

Ever since the residency got postponed, fans had been eagerly waiting for the announcement of the new dates. While the official announcement from the singer is still awaited, media sources have already confirmed the dates.

Weekend With Adele Shows Dates and Venue

Sources have confirmed that Adele’s residency will open on November 18. The series will go on till February 24, with a holiday break between Christmas and January 20. While earlier there were reports of a change in venue, it has now been confirmed that the show will take place at its originally planned location, the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

A TikTok user also posted a video showing her newly assigned tickets to Weekend With Adele at the Colosseum on Saturday, November 19. She originally had tickets for the second night of the show, which meant the series would open on November 18.

An official announcement of the dates is expected to be made on Monday morning. There are also going to be several additional performances of the show along with the originally planned set of 24.

The singer has reportedly dropped her famous set designer Es Devlin from the project. She has been replaced by Kim Gavin, who has worked with the British pop group Take That.


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Adele had Cancelled the Residency in January

Originally planned to begin on January 21 this year, the series was canceled by the singer just days before the scheduled premiere date. The Hello singer had posted a video in which she tearfully announced that she had to cancel the show as it was not ready after multiple delays due to the Covid pandemic.

At the time, the 34 year old singer had said, “Listen, I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready. (We) tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time. Half my team, half my crew are down with COVID and it’s been impossible to finish the show.”

“I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed and I’m so sorry to everyone that’s traveled again. I’m really really sorry,” she had added. Adele also revealed her plans to push the concerts to a later date. She said, “We’re on it, we’re gonna reschedule all of the dates. We’re on it right now and I’m gonna finish my show, we’re gonna get it to where it’s supposed to be now for you.”

The Singer will also Feature in her Documentary

Adele recently made headlines after it was reported that there would be a documentary based on her romance with her new love, Rich Paul. A source revealed, “Adele feels she let fans down somewhat with how the past 12 months have panned out, particularly the last-minute postponement of her Las Vegas residency, and sees (making a documentary) as a way of making up for that.”

The source further said, “One thing is for certain, it will be must-watch TV. Even though everyone knows her name, Adele is still quite mysterious as a person. Her life now compared to when she released her debut album is unrecognizable.”

Adele fans, who were eagerly waiting for her Las Vegas residency, can surely rejoice now. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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