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Adele Proclaims Love For Lionel Messi At Her Last Vegas Concert With A Deep ‘I Love You’

Argentina’s win over the Netherlands is being celebrated across the globe by football fans. However, there is one special fan who cannot stop expressing her love for Messi, and it’s none other than Adele. During a Las Vegas concert, Adele declared her love for Messi while chatting with a fan.

Argentina Won On Penalties!

British singer-songwriter Adele cannot stop gushing over Lionel Messi. The 15-time Grammy-winning artist declared her love for Argentina, and more especially Messi, during one of her concerts in Las Vegas.

When asked by one fan in the crowd, “were there any South American fans?”, the “Skyfall” artist quickly asked, “Are you from Argentina?” She then expressed, “Thank God they won on penalties today! Not only this, Adele came close to a fan who asked for a selfie.

While doing so, the 34-year-old singer said: “Quickly, because if I take a picture with you, I have to do it with everyone else. Do you want a picture too? Quickly, because I have to sing for everyone!” she mentioned after taking a photo with another fan. “I love you, Messi! Bye! I love you, Messi!”

The “Hello” artist was referring to the quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands, wherein the Argentinians won on penalty, making their way to the semi-finals. Despite being a tough team, Argentina made its way to the finals in 2014 (losing to Germany). Before that, they only made it as far as the quarterfinal stage since the 1990 World Cup that took place in Italy.

Weekends With Adele Residency

Adele has been blowing her fans away with her performances in Las Vegas, which began on November 18, 2022. She has been performing at The Colosseum of the Ceasars Palace of LA wherein she has a four-month residency. Adele will be performing a total of 32 concerts for around 137,000 fans until March.

During one of the residency shows, Adele created a buzz when the 34-year-old singer disappeared in thin air under a downpour of glittering pink confetti. “I’m so nervous and I’m so scared and I’m so happy,” Adele told the Vegas crowd during her much-awaited concert. “It might be a bit wobbly at times because my nerves are out of control.”

Her “disappearing act” which has gone viral on social media was highly praised by fans across the globe. As the singer finished singing her final track, “Love Is A Game”, a shower of pink confetti fell over Adele as she sang the song’s final note. It was then that the singer disappeared with the confetti, and the well-scripted on-stage trick left fans amazed and confused at the same time.

FYI, if you aren’t aware, a residency is a series of concerts, often involving at least 10 shows, performed at the same location. While Adele’s residency shows continue to dazzle millions of fans, the “Make You Feel My Love” singer has also revealed some of her post-Las Vegas plans. Well, she wants to get a degree in English Literature in 2025. Interesting, isn’t it? And of course, she loves Messi. What are your thoughts on Argentina’s win?

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