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Aasif Mandvi to Co-Star in ABC’s ‘The Mission’

Everyone’s favorite correspondent Aasif Mandvi has been cast in ABC’s newest pilot, “The Mission.” The comedian, actor, and writer will be playing the role of Stanley Mudd, a loyal cop at Harbor Division.

The show is a drama with Lynn Collins in the lead as a rookie cop, Oriana “Ori” Cloverfield. The show co-stars Kris D. Lofton as Alvin “Deets” Dietrich an ambitious cop who hopes to make detective one day. “The Mission” is about these three cops and their colleagues as they maneuver the complicated life of an officer. It follows the emotional ups and downs they face. And of some solid comedy can, of course, be expected with Mandvi as part of the cast!

The show is written by Jason Richman and directed by Michael Offer. Richman is also the producer of the show along with David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, and Laurie Zaks.



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