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A Perfect Pairing Filming Locations Explored

It’s time to look at some perfect locations for ‘A Perfect Pairing’.

Oh, you might be wondering what? But if you’ve seen the incredible movie A Perfect Pairing, you must’ve had a good time. Otherwise, you would not be here looking for locations where this amazing movie was filmed.

But if you didn’t see the movie and wound up here, we might be able to convince you to watch it. We’re looking for some great movies/shows to fill the void of boredom these days.

The movie, on the other hand, is quite entertaining to watch. Why? Found that out by yourself.

A Perfect Pairing Has An Amazing Narrative

It’s undoubtedly for rom-com enthusiasts. Even if you’re not a big admirer of rom-coms, you’ll be after watching this one. We’re not overstating. Now for the narrative.

The title of the movie, A Perfect Pairing, tells us a little about the storyline. No, it’s not a couple introducing someone else or a dating app matching two people. It is, however, both romantic and captivating.

Do you love food? Okay, what a silly question, isn’t it? Who doesn’t enjoy delicious food? The storyline revolves around a food and wine critic who suffers a concussion and loses her memory while visiting a winery she previously panned, which is owned and operated by a single father Michael.

Now, in order to win over a major client, a driven LA wine executive accepts a profession at an Australian sheep farm, where she strikes up a friendship with a sturdy and mysterious local.

What does fate have in store for them? That you will technically discover once you watch the movie.

A Perfect Pairing Filming Locations 

Let’s get to the point of this article. All of the spectacular views and locations featured in the show compelled us to discover more about them. Some people may have recognized it, and you may have come to discover more.

We come to the rescue. The movie was filmed in the Australian state of Queensland. And, to be more specific, it’s on the Gold Coast. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, is located offshore and is home to thousands of marine species.

Hoodlum Entertainment, a Queensland-based production company, was in charge of the film’s production. And they did a fine job.

Gold Coast, Australia

Let us now discuss the dazzling Gold Coast destination. It is, in fact, a coastal city in the state of Queensland. Prior to European settlement, the Yugambeh language people inhabited the area.

According to reports, the Gold Coast is Australia’s sixth-largest city, its largest non-capital city, and Queensland’s second-largest city. And it’s an excellent location for filming.

The farm in the movie? Yes, the crew did an excellent job of creating the ideal atmosphere. The team created a perfect farm-like setup.

The Gold Coast, with its sunshine, and subtropical climate, is a popular tourist attraction known for its world-class surfing seashores, high-rise skyline, amusement parks, live music, and rainforest hinterland.

With television productions and significant movie industry, the city contributes to the nation’s entertainment business.

Victoria can be found enjoying the location in the post below. And it looks gorgeous.

The Team Of Perfect Pairing Paid Respect To The Kombumerri People

The producers also collaborated closely with the Animal Protection Agency to ensure that all of the animals in the movie were comfortable and safe during shooting scenes. And that’s really good to know about.

Several crucial moments were also shot in the town of Nerang and its surrounding suburbs. Nerang is a town and suburb in Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia.

The town is named after the river, which is said to be a term from the Bundjalung language, Ngaraangbal variant, that means either small river or shovel-nosed shark.

And, at the final moment of the filming credits, the production team acknowledged the Kombumerri people.

“acknowledge and pay respect to the Kombumerri people, the traditional owners of the djagun (land), which form parts of the wider Yugambeh Language Region on which [they] filmed.”

Victoria also penned a gorgeous love letter to the location. And stated that the breathtaking waterfalls, trees, and landscape will take everyone’s breath away.

What are your thoughts on the movie’s shooting location? Are you falling in love with it as much as we are? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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