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9 Shows Like Euphoria That Will Give You The Perfect Teen Vibe

We All Thought We Knew What Love Looked Like.

Definitely like our favorite show ‘Euphoria’. If you’re looking for shows that are similar to your favorite show ‘Euphoria,’ here’s a list you’ll love.

A group of high school teenagers deals with drugs, love, social media, and money as they mature and try to find their identity. That sounds familiar! Yes, we are discussing a favorite show of everyone ‘Euphoria’.

Many people have been looking for shows similar to Euphoria that will offer them a teen vibe. Euphoria is a one-of-a-kind show, but there are some shows that will offer you a similar vibe with their own incredible flare.

The show Euphoria has earned great reviews since its release, with appreciation for its cinematography, plot, score, and performances by the actors, particularly Zendaya and Schafer.

9 Shows Like Euphoria That Will Give You The Perfect Teen Vibe

Let’s get started. Here are the top 9 shows that are comparable to Euphoria. And something that you will enjoy watching because they each have their own unique plotline.

1. Gossip Girl 

Let’s start with a proper teen drama that is actually rather popular and that people would enjoy watching. It’s none other than Gossip Girl.

Blair Waldorf is a popular student at her elite school who is admired by many. Her idyllic life is thrown into disarray when her ex-best pal enrolls in the same institution.

You can literally watch the entire show without getting bored. Teenagers behaving badly are undoubtedly identical to Euphoria’s students.

2. Sex Education

Okay, you should certainly see this one. Otis, a socially awkward high schooler, may not have much knowledge of lovemaking.

But he gets good advice on the subject in his personal sex-ed program — living with mum Jean, a sex therapist.

Otis has become a hesitant specialist on sex after being surrounded by guides, videos, and repetitively frank conversations about it.

When his peers discover about his home life, Otis decides to utilize his insider information to better his standing at school.

So he joins up with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic to address their classmates’ issues.

However, via his research of sexuality education, Otis recognizes that he may require some counseling.

3. Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer is also a teen show, but it has a touch of thrill to it. Each episode, situated in the mythical town of Skylin, Texas, concentrates on the same day over the course of three years: 1993, 1994, and 1995.

The series chronicles two teenage girls in the 1990s and the consequences on everyone’s life when one vanishes and the other arrives to take her place.

4. Freaks And Geeks

Looking for the perfect teen drama? Read this before watching Freaks and Geeks. Growing up in the 1980s, a misfit high-school student and his friends are almost certainly bound to become new media millionaires.

But for the time being, they’re stranded at school, where all the girls are a foot taller and bullies torment the workout routine.

Meanwhile, his older sister is flirting with dope-smoking bad boys, skipping courses, and questioning the importance of good grades.

5. Elite

You’ve probably heard of this drama, Elite, but now it’s time to watch it.

The series takes place in Las Encinas, a fictional exclusive secondary school. And centers around the interactions of three working-class teenage students who attend the school on scholarship and their wealthier classmates.

Every season has something extraordinary to offer its viewers.

6. One Of Us Is Lying

The best mystery teen drama that you’ll want to binge-watch. When five teenagers walk into detention and only four come out alive.

One is killed just as he was ready to divulge life-changing revelations about the others through a gossip application.

Each of the students, Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper, had the chance and personal motives to murder their classmate.

Yet all claim to be innocent as the case focuses on who is lying. And the mystery is extraordinary and definitely unexpected.

7. We Are Who We Are

Yes, the appealing name surely tempts us to watch this show. We Are Who We Are follows two 14-year-old American teenagers who reside on a fictitious US military base in Chioggia, Italy, in 2016.

The show delves into friendship, first love, and identification, immersing the spectator in all the messy excitement and sorrow of childhood.

A story that might happen anywhere on the planet, but in this instance, unfolds in this little slice of America in Italy.

8. Grand Army

The Netflix version of Euphoria is now available. Grand Army focuses on the lives of Joey Del Marco, Dom Pierre, Sid Pakam, Jayson Jackson, and Leila Kwan Zimmer while they attend Grand Army High School in Brooklyn, New York.

The students are dealing with a variety of issues, including rape culture, racism, sexual identity, bullying, violence, and terrorism.

9. Riverdale

Last but not least, there’s Riverdale. Another show that everyone has heard about. If you’ve always heard of Riverdale but never watched it, now could be the moment.

Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica deal with being teenagers in a town full of terrible events and bloodthirsty criminals. But there’s also a love triangle and even treachery from close individuals.

There you have it, a rundown of some of the best shows to binge-watch. Obviously, Euphoria is Euphoria, and each show has its own specific narrative.

Before we conclude, let us know in the comments section below which of these shows is your favorite. Also, if you have any show suggestions, do share them.

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