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7 Shows to Watch if you are Waiting for Ginny and Georgia Season 2

I Have Done Things I’m Not Proud Of But I Would Do ‘Em Again – Georgia

As we all know, Ginny And Georgia is a teen drama that has a completely distinct storyline from other teen dramas. And it has only premiered one season with ten episodes, leaving spectators wanting more.

We are all familiar with the drama’s plot. But for those who may have forgotten or are unaware, let us explain.

The story revolves around Ginny, a bright, tense, angst-ridden 16-year-old; her much younger stepbrother Austin; and, of course, their mother, Georgia, a smiling, charming, shrewd as nails lady with many secrets from her traumatic abusive past.

Georgia moves about to different cities and towns to protect her children because she has done some regrettable things in the past, but she appears to be proud of herself.

When it comes to Season 2, the audience is eager to see the brave and beautiful mother Georgia return to the screen, but do you want to see Ginny? Okay, we got your answer, lol.

7 Amazing Shows Like Ginny & Georgia That’s Worth Watching

Because the season one finale left us in a state of full suspense, we’ve identified some other series that are somewhat comparable to Ginny and Georgia to keep you and us entertained. Take a look at the list below to see if it is worth your wait.

1. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one of those shows which can dangerously become addictive. A lot of people on Tiktok say this is a perfect show for growing up, romanticizing school, drama, and romance.

Lauren Graham is the series’ most outstanding performer. She’s smart, vulnerable, sweet, and everything you’d want in a friend. When the real star of the show is Rory, played by Alexis Bledel, she will undoubtedly courage you from returning for even more.

She keeps you glued to the screen, as vulnerable as her mother, tearing up the task after challenge and leaving you waiting for the next episode to find out where Rory will wind up next.

The sheer impulsiveness with which these girls make decisions about where they want their life to go next is extremely captivating. The show has been compared to Ginny and Georgia as the major plot is around a mother-daughter relationship.

2. Teenage Bounty Hunters

Everything from the large ideas to the incredibly minor details that only those who have lived in that section of the country are aware of. The plot, the characters, the suspenseful setups, and the potential payoffs.

The commentary is done properly regardless of one’s position on the subject. With so much left to be read between the lines, nothing is on-the-nose unless it’s for a cause.

This show is about two teenage twins who crash their father’s truck. And the person they crashed into is a criminal who is being pursued by a bounty hunter. They take half the money for trapping the criminal.

But want more money to get more money. This show is so good to trust us these two girls are badass. And also keep in mind that they are breaking school and family rules so they will get caught sometimes and not other times.

Also, keep a tissue box handy while viewing the show since it will provide you with numerous tears of laughter.

3. The Duchess

Sure, there’s a lot of swearing and it’s sometimes obscene, but this show is still extremely funny. And we feel people can connect to it.

The dialogue is written in the style of a comic (thus the language); finding humor in mundane situations. Everyone can relate to bad decisions we make and the silver linings that can result from them.

And when they don’t use every four-letter word you can think of to vent your frustrations (just not out loud or at your kid’s school lol.) The show is hilarious, and if you enjoy Katherine Ryan’s comedy, you will have a nice time.

The show is quite similar to Ginny And Georgia. Because it follows a ‘fashionably disruptive’ single mother as she navigates life, love, and the decision to have another kid with her foe: her ex, her daughter’s father.

4. Firefly Lane

Most women in their mid-30s and early 40s have grown up watching and admiring the show because of its wonderful actresses. As far as warm girl sagas go, there’s nothing awful to say. It tackles a variety of difficult topics and depicts humanity’s numerous facets.

As we all know, true best friends are those that are totally opposite but nevertheless manage to keep their friendship going through ups and downs. Tully and Kate meet as little kids on Firefly Lane and become lifelong friends throughout the course of 30 years of highs and lows.

5. My So-Called Life

Angela and the people in her life are the focus of the drama. She is this awkward girl who seems to have these incredibly cool charming pals that no one notices.

Angela also has the ideal nerdy, obnoxious parents you’re ‘Supposed’ to have. But these two people are always itching to get it on.

If Claire Danes had consented to undertake a second and third season, we might have seen her evolve out of her blah phase. But we had a hunch the show was heading in that manner.

It takes you straight to your high school days and leaves you with a smile on your face. This has got a bit of romance, a bit of friendship, a bit of drama, a bit of tragedy.

6. Friday Night Lights

This show, on the other hand, is a lot of fun! It was tough to quit watching before the next episode began since the show is so well-made and entertaining.

As a viewer, it was easy to become engrossed in the struggles that kids and families faced as they navigated life in Texas. We can’t recall a TV show with such a diverse and authentic cast of characters like this one.

We loved Smash Williams’ development from a teenager to a responsible young adult who seeks for a better life for himself and his family. Though some of the scenes between him and his mother brought tears to my eyes.

7. Never Have I Ever

To begin with, the show is a breath of fresh air from other shows in the genre. And while it does share some similarities with others, it has many distinguishing features.

Such as the adult pov shown through celebrity narrations by John McEnroe, Andy Samberg, and Gigi Hadid; the comical exaggeration of South Asian lifestyles and mannerisms. And the sarcastic representation of high school cliches.

If you could just put yourself back into your coming-of-age shoes and observe the maturity in the handling of the show that makes it appealing and even relatable on various levels.

Some moments are genuinely emotional and heartwarming. Like the mending bond between Devi and her mother as they try to get over Mohan’s death. Or how Fabiola tries to deal with her identity crisis.

Devi, the main character, is a typical overachieving Indian nerd who doesn’t fit in at school or at other brown gatherings, is involved in various organizations, plays an instrument, and aspires to attend an Ivy League institution.

The show follows Devi and her pals as they deal with various difficulties in their lives. Including her bonding memories with her late father and uplifting times with her stern mother and fun-loving elder cousin sister.

The show begins with a glance inside Devi’s school life and how she is desperate to make her crush, Pattson Yoshida, like her. You might just pass this off as a teen drama but watching it and realizing how groundbreaking this is to have an Indian woman (and a single mother) create and produce it is huge.

So, those were our picks. We may have missed some more. In that case, don’t forget to remind us and the others in the comments area below. And also you’re welcome to share your thoughts on Ginny And Georgia and the shows we mentioned.

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