South Asian vloggers, comedians, beauty bloggers, artists and more have made amazing strides in solidifying their power as influencers via YouTube. The video-sharing platform has given us stars like Lilly Singh, Jus Reign and Liza Koshy. However, there are tons more talented YouTubers that are creating worthwhile content.

Check out our list of YouTubers you should subscribe to:


Back in the day, AK-Amazing began making hilarious comedy videos with his friends. He didn’t pursue YouTube full time and took a break, releasing only a handful of videos over the past few years. Lucky for us, this YouTuber is coming out of sabbatical to grace the world with his comic stylings. He’s renamed his channel AKTV and is releasing new episodes including his “Living in a Brown Fam” and “Internet Police” series.

2. Mundheep Makes

Meet Mundheep, the red-haired baker who vlogs her crazy Punjabi girl life in Canada. She’s the sister of Harjit Singh, who is one half of the duo behind the award-winning channel, YouTwo. Mundheep vlogs her baking creations, her family, friends, pranks and more. She recently got engaged to British artist Inquisitive and they vlog together now which is the cutest thing ever. For Christmas she’s creating “Vlogmas” videos as a countdown, check out this hilarious vlog of her and Inquisitive wrapping Harjit’s entire room!

3. Simmi Singh

Simmi Singh is a vlogger who you may have seen before as she’s friends with some pretty popular YouTubers like Lilly Singh and Yousef Erakat of FouseyTube. Shes created her own vlog channel where she posts about her life and more recently, began making comedy videos. She hopes to become an actress one day and is pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles.

4. Riya and Dan

Best Friends Riya and Dan have become pretty popular with their vlogs and comedy sketches. They’ve created the Beverly High sketches with characters they play like ditzy Tootsie who is Dan’s stalker and Beverly High’s new mean girl, Cinnamon.

5. Rwn|Pwn|

This gang of Pakistani-American friends are so creative with their content. From their “Brown Code” series to the parodies of popular mainstream music, this channel will have you literally ROFL.

6. Tia Bhatia

Tia Bhatia is on vlogger you may have seen before, too, since she has been featured in videos with her YouTuber friends. Like Simmi Singh, she’s now developed her own channel where she posts consistently. Tia posts dance videos, vlogs about her trips and friends as well as some comedy videos. She talks openly about the struggles of her father and her own adoption.

7. The Brampton Boys

The Brampton Boys are wild, reckless and absolutely hilarious. Their exaggerated interpretations of life as a desi kid will totally hit home for all South Asians who grew up in the West. They’re “Types of …” videos are a riot!


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