7 Artistic Bites of Food Love From the Frizz Kid

June 7, 2021 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

Toronto based artist, The Frizz Kid aka Hana Shafi is a talented illustrator, journalist and writer spreading positivity through her work on social media. Her work is modern, unique and edgy. She writes poetry and creates weekly affirmation posts to encourage positive messages among her followers. She uses her work to stand up for women’s rights and actively spreads awareness of mental health issues.

She’s got a unique flair to her work and uses her “weird and frizzy” girl talents for good. She even adds a spicy touch sometimes with links to her South Asian and Persian heritage, like these foodie lovers valentines!

The delicious food based valentines are too cute not to give to your significant other, or even a friend anytime of the year. It’s an adorable reminder for your loved ones that you two belong together.

Check out Frizz Kid’s 7 Bites of Love for Foodies:

1. For the samosa lover in you, hope you’ve found yourself that aloo.

2. Pass the Polow

Polow (or pulao) is never complete without some barberry (zereshk or daruhaldi).

3. Do you dare eat a falafel without drowning it in hummus?

4. Got Chai?

Shafi spells chai as “choi” because that is how her grandfather pronounces the drink with his heavy Persian accent.

5. Haldi wala Doodh: Mom Recommended

To stay healthy you always need your doodh (milk) with a little haldi, no?

6. We like it a Latte

Not exactly a desi drink or food like Shafi’s other posts, but this was too cute to pass up, because I like it a Latte, get it? GET IT?…. I think you got it.

7. Pizza Party Anyone?

This is one I’m sure you’ve heard before but this is pizza pun is just pun-tastic, right?

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