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365 Days 2: Release Date and Other Expectations

Massimo and Laura are back, and they’re even hotter than before. The first movie ended on a cliffhanger, and we’re still wondering what might happen next. But now all of our concerns are erased because there will be a sequel to this movie. Let’s go over the basics before we get into the specifics of the upcoming sequel.

Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mande directed 365 Days, a 2020 Polish sensual romantic drama movie. It is based on Blanka Lipiska’s first novel of a trilogy. The story features a young woman from Warsaw in a spiritless relationship falling for a dominant Sicilian man, who imprisons and enforces on her a time frame of 365 days for which to fall in love with him.

Don Massimo Torricelli is played by Michele Morrone, while Laura Biel is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Following the release of the first movie, it received a lot of worldwide attention. It was one of Netflix’s most popular shows in several areas across multiple continents.

And it held the title for one of the longest periods as the most watched item in Netflix’s history in the United States. Well, viewers definitely wanted a sequel. Let’s talk about it in detail.

365 Days Sequel In Making

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, intentions for a sequel, titled This Day, were placed on hold. Netflix reportedly started filming two sequels at the same time in May 2021, with several cast members coming back. Well, that’s amazing news! This indicates that we won’t get 1 but 2 sequels. Viewers must be very happy.

Morrone, Sieklucka, and Lamparska have all confirmed that they will return. Because without Massimo and Laura, 365 days won’t be 365 days. 365 Days Part 2 and 365 Days Part 3 are the titles of the sequels at the moment.

However, Massimo’s family ties complicate the situation. And a mysterious stranger who enters Laura’s life to earn her heart and trust at any cost hamper the reunited couple’s fresh beginning. Things are about to change, and will Massimo be reunited with Laura?

Statements On The Upcoming Sequels

Blanka Lipińska, the author of the 365 days trilogy stated about the excitement on the upcoming sequel. “I’m hugely honoured that the remaining two parts of my 365 Days Trilogy – This Day & Next 365 Days will be brought to life on screen by Netflix. I’m so excited to show fans of my novels all over the world this fresh look at the characters and to continue Laura and Massimo’s story.”

Łukasz Kluskiewicz, Content Acquisition Manager of Netflix movie for CEE & Poland also made a statement on 365 days.

“365 Days was one of our most popular films for our members in 2020. We’re working closely with Blanka Lipinska, the author of the 365 Days trilogy of books and writer of the film, to continue Laura and Massimo’s story on screen. Their journey together is full of many twists and turns as our characters continue to grow and learn more about themselves.”

The movie will be apparently based on Blanka Lipinska’s 365 Days book trilogy – This Day & Next 365 Days by Blanka Lipinska, who co-wrote the script with Mojca Tirs. Perhaps that will be the title of the future movie, although formal confirmation on the titles is still pending.

Here’s something interesting, a new character will be joining the cast of the upcoming movie. Simone Susinna has joined the productions and will represent Nacho, a new character. Maybe we will get to see a love triangle, and many more things.

The second and third installments of 365 Days have already begun shooting in Poland and Italy, with a worldwide release on Netflix scheduled for 2022. So, as soon as there is an official specific announcement on the dates, we will update it as quickly as possible.

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