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32nd Seoul Music Awards: List of Nominees is Here

It will be the sixth time the Seoul Music Awards will be held in the K-pop music industry next month, and it is one of the biggest and most popular annual music awards.

Earlier this week, the 32nd Seoul Music Awards winners and the date and venue for the event were released. It is expected to be a memorable event.

Seoul Music Awards Are Now Open For Voting For The 32nd Edition

The Seoul Music Awards officially announced the nominees for this year’s award ceremony on December 6. This was a few days before the ceremony’s scheduled date of January 19, 2023, at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea.

Mobile voting for the following awards this year will be done. The Main Award (Bonsang), the Rookie of the Year, the Popularity Award, the K-Wave Award, the OST Award, the Trot Award, the Ballad Award, and the R&B/Hip Hop Award.

Voting will be conducted in two phases of 20 days each: Phase 1 will begin on December 6 and run until 11:59 p.m. KST on December 25, while Phase 2 will start at noon KST on December 27 and end at 11:59 p.m. KST on January 15. Each phase will count for 50 percent of the nominees’ total voting scores.

Votes will be counted solely within Korea for the Popularity Award, while voices from overseas will be counted solely for the K-Wave Award. In addition, nominees nominated for the Bonsang Award (Main Award) and Rookie of the Year will automatically be selected for the K-Wave and Popularity Awards.

The Seoul Music Awards Date And Venue Have Been Announced

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, there will be a Seoul Music Awards celebration at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. The annual show will be broadcasted live on U+IDOL from Seoul as part of Sports Seoul’s yearly show.


Many Korean singers, from soloists to groups, have been nominated in various categories for the 32nd Seoul Music Awards. In addition, Korean singers who have released music and albums from January to December 2022 (based on Hanteo Chart data) are nominated in various categories.

In addition to the Grand Award (Daesang), the Best Song Award, Best Album Award, World Best Artist Award, Main Award (Bonsang), Rookie of the Year, the Hallyu Special Award, Best Performance Award, Best Ballad Award, R&B/Hiphop Award, OST Award, Band Award, Special Judge Award, Popularity Award, Discovery of the Year Award, and Trot Award were also among the awards categories.

The Nominees For The 32nd Seoul Music Awards Have Been Announced

Professional judges, the SMA committee, and mobile voting determine award winners. In addition, fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists in some categories that are currently open to the public. As of now, it is still being determined which classes will be included in mobile voting and the ones excluded from it.

From the Fancast app, you can cast your vote for the 32nd Seoul Music Awards nominees and the categories for which you can vote.

Main Award (Bonsang)

  • 10cm – “5.3”
  • aespa – “Girls”
  • ASTRO – “Drive to the Starry Road”
  • BIGBANG – “Still Life”
  • BOL4 – “Seoul”
  • BTOB – “Be Together”
  • BTS – “Proof”
  • Choi Ye Na – “SMiLEY”
  • Crush – “Rush Hour”
  • fromis_9 – “from our Memento Box”
  • (G)I-DLE – “I NEVER DIE”
  • Girls’ Generation – “FOREVER 1”
  • GOT the beat – “Step Back”
  • GOT7 – “GOT7”
  • Jay Park – “GANADARA”
  • J-Hope (BTS) – “Jack In The Box”
  • Jin (BTS) – “The Astronaut”
  • Kang Daniel – “The Story”
  • Kihyun (MONSTA X) – “VOYAGER”
  • Kim Ho Joong – “PANORAMA”
  • Lim Young Woong – “IM HERO”
  • Nayeon (TWICE) – “IM NAYEON”
  • NCT 127 – “2 Baddies”
  • NCT DREAM – “Glitch Mode”
  • P1Harmony – “HARMONY : ZERO IN”
  • PSY – “PSY 9th”
  • Red Velvet – “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm”
  • Seulgi (Red Velvet) – “28 Reasons”
  • SEVENTEEN – “Face The Sun”
  • Stray Kids – “MAXIDENT”
  • Suho (EXO) – “Grey Suit”
  • Super Junior – “The Road : Winter for Spring”
  • Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – “INVU”
  • TWICE – “BETWEEN 1&2”
  • TXT – “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”
  • WEi – “Love Pt.2 : Passion”
  • Zico (Block B) – “New thing”

Rookie Of The Year

  • ATBO – “The Beginning : 開花”
  • Billlie – “the Billage of perception: chapter two”
  • CSR – “Sequence : 7272”
  • H1-KEY – “Athletic Girl”
  • Kep1er – “FIRST IMPACT”
  • Lapillus – “HIT YA!”
  • NewJeans – “New Jeans”
  • i – “NEW WORLD”
  • TAN – “1TAN”
  • TEMPEST – “It’s ME, It’s WE”
  • TNX – “WAY UP”
  • TRENDZ – “BLUE SET Chapter 1. TRACKS”
  • VIVIZ – “Beam Of Prism”

OST Award

  • 10cm – “Spring to Love” (“Our Blues”)
  • BIBI – “Very, Slowly” (“Twenty Five, Twenty One”)
  • Davichi – “Remember me” (“Our Blues”)
  • Heize – “The Last” (“Our Blues”)
  • Jimin (BTS) and Ha Sung Woon – “With you” (“Our Blues”)
  • Lee Seok Hoon – “Dear. My Fool” (“Discovery of Love”)
  • Lee Seung Yoon – “The Giving Tree” (“Our Beloved Summer”)
  • Lee Sun Hee – “I’ll Leave You” (“The Red Sleeve“)
  • Lim Young Woong – “Our Blues” (“Our Blues”)
  • MeloMance – “Love, Maybe” (“A Business Proposal”)
  • Sam Kim – “Summer Rain” (“Our Beloved Summer”)
  • Sunwoojunga – “Beyond My Dreams” (“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”)
  • Taeil (NCT) – “Starlight” (“Twenty Five, Twenty One”)
  • Tiger JK – “WADADADA” (“One Dollar Lawyer”)
  • Wheein (MAMAMOO) – “You, You” (“Nth Romance”)
  • Wonstein – “Your Existence” (“Twenty Five, Twenty One”)

Trot Award

  • Jang Min Ho – “Essay ep.1”
  • Jang Yoon Jung – “estrena”
  • Jeong Dong Won – “Handwritten Letter”
  • Kim Hee Jae – “Heejae”
  • Kim Tae Yeon – “Cheer up!”
  • Lim Young Woong – “IM HERO”
  • Na Hoon-a – “Seven-Colored Scent”
  • Song Ga In – “THE SONG OF LOVE”
  • Young Tak – “MMM”

Ballad Award

  • BEN – “Spring Days”
  • Davichi – “Season Note”
  • Han Dong Geun – “It’s love”
  • JuHo – “without me”
  • Kang Min Kyung (Davichi) and Jannabi – “Because we loved”
  • Kassy – “Always love you”
  • KyoungSeo – “Dear my X”
  • Lim Jae Hyun – “Drunken confession at night”
  • Monday Kiz – “It has to be you”
  • Noel – “How Can I Forget You”
  • Paul Kim – “Like Yesterday”
  • Tei – “Monologue”
  • Tophyun – “Horang Suwolga”
  • Younha – “END THEORY : Final Edition”
  • O.S – “talks about pain”

R&B/Hip Hop

  • BE’O – “LOVE me”
  • BIG Naughty – “Beyond Love”
  • Coogie – “RE:UP”
  • Epik High – “Epik High Is Here”
  • Jessi – “ZOOM”
  • Joosiq – “Baby I Need You”
  • Leellamarz and TOIL – “TOYSTORY3”
  • Punch – “The Love”
  • Woo (Woo Won Jae) and meenoi – “Ghosting”

The Seoul Music Awards are one of the most anticipated events in the music industry. Do you have a favorite artist this year? If so, who is it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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