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“Hum Saath Saath Hain” is the ultimate happy family drama that will fill your soul with love and have it oozing out of your pores.

This Rajshri film is 90% music, 8% happy storyline and 2% evil mother-in-law and her hoochie friends. There really isn’t much substance, yet, for some reason, I still can’t stop watching this film every time I have the night off. There is no happy family film like “Hum Saath Saath Hain,” so, of course, there are tons of life lessons to learn from this loving film.

23 Life Lessons From “Hum Saath Saath Hain”

1. Hula-hooping Hippo’s make the best alarm clocks.

 2. Always have a Muslim childhood BFF. Like “K3G,” “Hum Saath Saath Hain” also promotes #Unity.

 3. A family that eats together, prays together, stays together

4. If your daughter’s a doctor you’re never allowed to eat laddoos or ice cream again.


5. It’s totally not awkward when bae’s mom knows you love him since childhood.

6. When your husband says “I love you” in front of everyone, just smile and say “I love my kids” to confuse the crap out of everyone

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7. Singing a song in tribute to your parents is how you can bag the girl ASAP.

 8. Family introductions should always be made via song.


9. It’s okay to be more decked out than the bride or immediate family. #NoShameInMahGame


10. Weddings can be planned in minutes, no stress needed, everything comes ready made these days.

 11. The child your mom loves the most is her real child, the rest of y’all are adopted.

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12. This is the right way to sing your ABC’s

13. Childhood loves are the purest.

 14. You know you love chachu and chachi more than your parents when you become physically ill when they’re not there.

15. Making your bae’s favorite halwa is the right way to ignite the spark in your love life.

16. Don’t ever think you’re better than your brother, you’ll always need him. #TeamWork


17. Honeymooning with all of your siblings and their significant others is always the best way to create a romantic mood.

18. Childhood fights can turn into adult love, be sure to start fights with the cutest kid on the block #FutureIsSet

19. There’s nothing like singing about peacocks to start the passion in everyone’s life. Especially when it’s an awkward CGI peacock.

 20. Girls from good families are always coy, keep that romance on the DL while guys get creepy AF with their stalking. 

 21. Never talk back to your parents, because “maa ki daant mei hi unka pyaar chupa hota hai!”


22. Always marry girls without mothers so you only have your semi-evil mother to deal with.


23. Whether it’s step, half or adopted, you should always love and respect your siblings, it’s a special bond.
Your siblings are the only ones that understand how crazy your parents are, plus they’re probably the same blood type in case you happen to need a kidney or something so don’t try to burn that bridge Y’all.



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